Thursday, June 24

Im In Lockerz (so what is Lockerz?)

yeah, im in Lockerz, who needs invitation?...

for some of you who do not know, Lockerz, is an invite only site, that makes you earn PTZ (lockerz own currency) just by watching videos, logging in daily and answering the dailly questions...

here is how Lockerz say it

"Lockerz is an invitation–only website created to connect members through commerce, content and social networking. Once invited, you’ll be able to watch exclusive video, buy great products, discover new music, play games, and connect with friends. You’ll be able to do this all in one place, AND you’ll get rewarded for just doing the things you love. When you watch a video, play a game, or even log in, you’ll earn Pointz (or “PTZ”) Lockerz own form of currency. Turn around and redeem your PTZ for incredible merchandise, unique experiences and exclusive deals and sales..."

right now, they are actually having a promo, they are giving triple PTZ until  June 26, 11:59 p.m. EDT.. so now, i am getting 6 PTZ in every videos i watch... but same 2 PTZ for logging in and 2 PTZ from answering the daily poll/question...

everything is basically easy.. Im still new to the site, but in a couple of days i have earned a lot of PTZ almost a thousand.. when infact my pc is low that i only log in to Lockerz during peak hrs.. you know, when the internet speed is faster... im very much anticipating for the redemption.. i hope i could redeem just even an ipon nano as i lost mine...

yes, they are giving Ipods, from shuffle to nano to touch.. they are even giving Ipad, laptops (macbook, Hp netbook) etc.. yeah, they are giving gadgets... and this month you can claim a prize with just even 50 PTZ, but of course these gadgets are worth more than that.. LOL

i havent really received anythign from them yet, coz like what i have said im still a newbie... i am really anticipating for the redemption.. they said that the redemption is every month and you have to keep watching on the redemption as eveything freshes out in no time...hahaha.. pretty exciting... LOL

well, i have tried to search over it in google before joining and a lot have received their prize already... so why not give it a shot? ..

so now, im enjoying watching the videos.. im watching Fite Nite, its a comedy animation and Prom Queen, its somehow a drama series...

so yeah, i wouldnt say its a scam since im not really spending anything... they are not really taking out my money... they do have an option to shop though, but you can shop using your PTZ and if its not enough you can just add money from your paypal... right now, i believe they are currently just shipping to US, but for redemption prizes, it can be shipped internationally... i have known somebody from India and Philippines that has received their prizes already.. or maybe if you want, you can just claim cash through paypal...

so there, if you want to give it a shot too, if you want to see what really is going on with this Lockerz craze, just fill out this form with your email and i will be more than happy to send you an invitation.. :)

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