Friday, June 18

My Dream House

i just came on something today that made me remember my dream house...

when i was a kid, i have been dreaming of having a really huge house. a huge house with lots of room... there will be study room with lots of books inside.. there will be playroom with all my toys... there will be a room where i can play indoor sports, and not just indoor sports even tennis (hahaha).. and in the middle of the house will be a swimming pool... and outside the house will be our own gymnasium where my father could play basketball with his friends..

hahaha.. it will be so big, so huge that you will have to ride a small car, like a bump car to get you to the kitchen.. i even imagined that the house would probably occupy half of the town.. lol

anyway, growing up, i learned this is quiet imposible.. a castle doesnt even have a room for indoor sports... lol

so yeah, i have changed, i dont want that house anymore.. now i want a small house. well, not really small but just enough for my future family.. a bungalow will do.. and i wanted a touch of native stuff in my house too.. that will be a small house with really nice wide lawn... there will be an area for my garden, an area for my recreation and where i can throw parties..

everything will just be neat and simple.. just like this house an hour ride away from our place.. i have been eying that since high school, since it was built..
i wish i could take a picture of that house so i can share it to you guys.. :)

anyway, i will be getting that dream house soon.. not now but I declare and im praying it to God for that dream to become a reality...

anyway, what's your dream house?

byebye for now


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