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My reading interest

Note: this will just be a repost from my old friendster blog, i just came across something today that made me remember the first books i have read... its actually a topic discussion in myLot.. LOL

anyway, i started reading i believe when i was about 4, my mom wont let me play unless i finish one children's book.. so i would read and lull her to sleep.. hahaha.. we still have those beginner's books... and i want to keep them and maybe use them to teach my baby to read.. my first books become my baby's first books too.. suweeeetttttt...

so this will just be a copy and paste.. i wanted to write a new entry though but im sleepy.. and i lost the enterest.. hahaha... anyway, i believe in recycling.. LOL 


it was my mom who first taught me how to read. I think I started reading when I was around 4 - 5 years old. We had lots of beginner books by Dr. Suess (Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat in the Hat) and P.D. Eastman (Go, Dogs GO!, Sam and the Firefly, The Fish Out of the water, Snow, etc.)
and other children’s book. My mom would ask me to read it aloud and pronounce the words correctly. Usually it was my older sister that would correct me with my pronunciation. Sometimes, my mother would ask
me to read a book before I can go out to play. I would sit beside her and read a book while she sleeps. I just mark those words I don’t understand or those that I can’t read. Then, she would check the book for the words that I have marked.
I also remember owning these other hard-bound children’s books like King Midas and the Golden Touch, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Berrestain Bears etc. And the book that I kept reading over and over again was the King Midas and the Golden Touch.
My mother also bought a complete collection of "My Bible Friends" by Etta B. Degering and "Uncle Arthur’s Bible Book" by Arthur S. Maxwell for me to read.

I didn’t really have the interest of reading novels. I find it boring. What I usually read are articles from Readers’ Digest and Health and Home that would heighten my interest. I remember when I was about to go to high school and my sister is about to have her first job, she promised
me that she would collect Nancy Drew books for me. I was like "no thanks, I don’t read novels anyway. They’re boring". I’d rather have a bike than novels. (I didn’t even know Nancy Drew at that
time. Not until high school.)

But in high school, the library was my favorite place to hang. I would usually spend my free time there. I’d go there to read abridged novels (usually Sherlock Holmes) that I can finish before the next class. But I have also read the unabridged "Round the World in Eighty Days" and " Gone Away Lake".
I borrowed it from the library.
But when I transferred school, I didn’t get to visit the library like before. I guess maybe because of the school system. So all I read are again were articles from Readers’ Digest, Health and Home and Candy
magazine. Also I just read books that are available at home.
Last year, when the Da Vinci Code was the talk-of-the-earth my brother got interested. But when he went to the National Bookstore it was all sold out. So he bought Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons instead.
He gave it to me after he finished reading it. I find it interesting and I got hooked into it. We would even discuss about it during meal times.  After that, he borrowed Da Vinci Code from his officemate for the both of us to read.
He also gave me another novel. It was John Grisham’s The Firm. It captured his interest since it was about a lawyer and he is taking up Bachelor of Laws but it didn’t capture mine. Until now I haven’t
read it. I even have it borrowed by my classmate. Lol.
But I think I will read it this vacation since I will be having more free time and it got a good review from my friend.
in all, my interest in reading are not really with novels but with
articles from serials like Readers’ Digest and Health and Home and also
from articles that I find interesting in the internet. 
So why I read?.. I guess it’s for me to be entertained and be aware.


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