Saturday, July 31

paid by logiptc

Another legit ptc site just paid me.tepuktangani received my first logiptc payment today.. i requested it a couple of days ago but logiptc review all payment request and usually pay once or twice a week.. so here is my payment..
again, im excited coz another site just paid me and gave what i deserve..kenyit

here is my payment proof

for all those who have not yet joined logiptc sign up now... and oh, dont forget to install the toolbar it will help you get updated for available ads which would definitely help you earn faster...sengihnampakgigi
Get Paid for Browsing the Internet with LogiPTC

byebye for nowbabai

have you noticed i got smileys/emoticons in my post?tepuktangan
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Friday, July 30

SCAM: sites i would not recommend

i have just recently learned about this online earning thing... when i quit my job, i realized i have become broke... i should start doing something to get extra income...
i have joined a lot of sites that could help me earn.. i have joined sites for affiliate marketing, i have joined freelance sites for online jobs like odesk and, i have joined some get-paid-to sites, mostly get paid to click sites...
some of them has paid me (MyLot, AyuWage, Onbux and Neobux) some hasnt even if i have reached cash out.. unfortunately, some turned out scam...

i have been sharing payment proofs from the sites that pays, and now i just realized i should share those sites that turned out scams, too, to help you guys decide what site to join..

usually, i make a research of a particular site before i join, but there are times that i feel too lazy.. hahaha..

anyway, here are some sites that i wouldnt recommend at all.. - when i joined the site, i know it was paying. i have read good reviews about it and have seen payment proof but not too long, people were doubting about it. the site pays really late, its taking them months to pay.. and recently updated their terms and wanted people to upgrade for them to get paid. damn, now its no longer paid to click, it has become pay to get paid..
yesterday, i logged back to my account, my pending cash out was gone, i thought i was finally paid, coz somebody from mylot received his payment.. but hell no, my pending cash out is added back to my current balance.. damn you gagabux.. oh well, they're finally paying i guess, but not for free members.. - its a new site, it has launched january 2010, it seems good at first and i was hoping i could cashout soon. but then, the owner sold the site for just $10, and when i reached cashout, its not paying. it may ask you what payment method to use, either paypal or alertpay but then there is a warning that there will be no cashout, only convert to advertising. and now, it seems like it has become a traffic exchange site... plus forum has been under maintenance for weeks.. - i have joined the site on prelaunch hoping to get a pioneer membership, but launching has been delayed and now, when i visit the site, it says my account is suspended... i dont even know what i did... crazy waterbux.. i dont even know if the site has finally launched or not.. - same with gagabux, i joined the site knowing that it is paying.. i know it was a legit site.. but then, after some time, the site has been getting problems of paying. cash out was disabled and admin promised to have it back on july 10.. i have reached the minimum but still cash out is disabled and there was no word from admin.. tsktsktsk.. admin has abandoned it and now the site is not loading. - i dont know what is so wrong with this site. i have reached minimum cashout yesterday and tried to cashout but then its routing me to paypal webpage. i have heard that it has become a scam site though... so i guess thats it... so im not recommending the site..

so that all for now... that's all the scam sites that i have encountered yet.. i hope i wont encounter more.. oh well, its just normal to encounter scam sites once in a while i guess.. LOL

byebye for now

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Monday, July 26

received payment from Onbux

reached minimum amount for payment in onbux today.. and what a girl like me to do?.. of course to cash out and see if it pays.. and yes it does.. i received it instantly.. just like neobux.. Onbux would probably be the next neobux... hopefully.. hoping they would continue to pay.. more power to Onbux..

anyway, here is my payment proof

sign up in onbux now.. and receive instant payment too.. :)


byebye for now.. :)
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Saturday, July 24

If The Boy Only Knew

Sue Thompson is my mom's favorite.. my mom loves playing her album over and over again... she would sing along with it.. and i have learned to like her too when i was a kid.. anyway, i haven't heard her music for a long time, until recently my dad found that cassette tape of Sue Thompson and played it one morning.. Yes, we still have this karaoke that can play cassette tapes..

anyway, here is a simple but meaningful song of Sue Thompson.. this goes for all the girls secretly in love with a boy..

If The Boy Only Knew (Sue Thompson)
If the boy only knew what the girl must go through
When the girl falls in love with the boy
She can't let him know that she loves him so
So what can the poor girl do?

He can have his fun with any other one
There's plenty of girls he can date
But he's the only love 'neath the starry skies above
To the girl who must sit at home and wait

Oh, if she could only let him know that she was lonely
Then he might find time to be lonely too

If the boy only knew what the girl must go through
When the girl falls in love with the boy 

oh well, wish its so easy to let a guy know that a girl is inlove.. 

see ya soon

get paid to view ads

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Friday, July 23

2nd Cash Out from Ayuwage

yup.. i got my 2nd payment from AyuWage today..
i havent received payment from other sites yet but i got my 2nd payment from AyuWage... isnt that great.. i can definitely say that i earn fast from this site...

AyuWage, just recently and finally decided to increase credit value and minimun cashout will be $5 instead of $1 (paypal/alertpay) and still if a member cashout at $10 ayuwage gives 400 credits for free...tepuktangan

anyway, here is my payment proof

click HERE to join..

AyuWage Services - Get Paid to Visits Sites and Complete Surveys

byebye for nowtepuktangan
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Monday, July 19

gone for dew days

ill be gone for a few days.. but here is a game for you all to enjoy while im gone... hehe

hoping to be able to update this blog when i get back..

byebye for now
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Thursday, July 15

Paid by MyLot

its always a nice feeling when you open your mail and you see a message from paypal that you have been paid... hehehe
yeah, i recieved my first payment from MyLot today... its my payment for the month of june..
in MyLot, payout is every 15th and cut off is every 30th.. so i received mine today.. yeeeyyy

anyway, MyLot is like a combination of a forum, a social networking site, and like a yahoo answers.. you can ask questions and get answers.. you can share your opinion.. you can create your profile.. you can participate in the discussions, comments on blogs, submit photos and earn from all those activities.. you even get rewarded by using MyLot's search engine..  really cool.. im enjoying it there than spending my time in facebook without earning even a cent..

click HERE for more info about MyLot

if you're not yet a member, better join now.. trust me you will love it...

see you there!...

byebye for now

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Tuesday, July 13

cash from your blog or website

affiliate program


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by: © gingersweets 

im sleepy but i cant sleep
my heart is starting to weep
i dont know why it has to happen
i guess i just did not listen

im loosing myself again and again
things is just always uncertain
i wish i could just run away
but i dont know why i stay

life has always been a nightmare
when will this game become fair?
i take risks but i always miss
when will this become a dream of bliss?

im just feeling a little poetic and sentimental today.. i havent been writing poetry...  i thought i came to pass that stage.. i dont really understand now.. somehow i wish he would be sensitive enough, or if not i would be numb like him.. that way it would have been easier.. hahayzzzz...

got to go..

byebye for now


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Saturday, July 10

Hillsong Music playlist 1

hi there,
i will be sharing some hillsong music that i have.. these are not really my fave or my top ten, but i like playing these over and over again with my player... everything is just so meaningful..
anyway, i have decided to do this, since i have a friend who wants to download hillsong music, she hasnt informed me yet what particular song she wants, so i decided to create my own playlist for everybody...

i created a youtube playlist too.. and i made sure there is lyrics so you guys can also sing along... except for HOME, i couldnt find a video with lyrics so i will just have to include it here in this post...

and oh, here is the lyrics for

HOME by Hillsong United
Into Your courts I run with praises 
Flowing from my heart
Every day I wake I sing Your song
It's the anthem of my life

I want to spend my days
In Your presence, Lord
Bow before Your throne
In the house of God
Is where I find my peace
It's where I find my

Home is heaven
One day Lord, I will live
In Your courts, You'll find me
In worship at Your feet
Hide me now
In the shadow of Your wings
Where I will be
Where I will be

Your love is all I need
So desperately I have sought Your face
I know You hear my every cry
And petition that I make

Jesus, oh You are my treasure 

and you can download MP3 HERE
1. Hillsong - I Adore
2. Hillsong - Lead Me To The Cross
3. Hillsong - Break Free
4. Hillsong - Saving Grace
5. Hillsong - Always
6. Hillsong - Came To Rescue
7. Hillsong - Oceans will Part
8. Hillsong - Now That You're Near
9. Hillsong - Home
10. Hillsong - From the Inside Out 

have a great day!.. God bless you!

see ya soon
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Friday, July 9

Lockerz redemption

finally i have experienced Lockerz redemption.. and wow! its seriously CRAZY!... waaaaahhhhh

i had to stay awake and wait for the redemption.. i had my alarm clock set every 30 minutes to keeo me awake.. to constantly check... and i was there the very minute when it came live.. i was there even before lockerzalert played there alarm...
like what they say, the site loads slower than usual.. definitely because of huge traffic.. and when i was there, i was shock that everything fresh out.. paypal cash, all the gadgets, only thing left are those desktop backgrounds worth 15 PTZ...

so i had to redeem something.. what will i do with my ptz anyways.. well, i can keep it until next redemption.. i hope there will be exclusive redemption for z-lister soon..

hahaha.. what will i do with the desktop background i redeemed?...

crazy crazy crazy... i had sleepless night watiting for the redemption and nothing happened... i badly needed it and i prayed for it.. oh well, i guess its not yet time..

ive heard it usually things fresh out within 5-15 minutes... i was hoping 15 minutes... the good stuff lasted for just about 2 minutes.. hahaha.. i guess they are only giving away 1 item per prize...

hahah.. the redemption is over for less than an hour... really crazy...

damn you LockerZ! i am so disappointed in you... waaaahhhhh.. oh well, better luck next time to me.. LOL

got to go..

byebye for now


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Thursday, July 8

Diner Dash 3 in 1 (free download)

i love playing RPG, or role playing game.. even in the office my officemates would say im playing games that are for kids.. hahaha... they're fun..
one of the RPG games i like is diner dash.. the story of Flo and her successful diner.. i get the expert score on all levels.. my 7-year old neice is jealous and wants me to play diner dash with her account.. LOL

im lucky i got the first three version of dinerdash...
Diner Dash
Diner Dash Restaurant Rescue - here, Flo helps four fellow restaurant owners defeat the greedy tycoon, Mr. Big
and Diner Dash Flo On the Go - as Flo tries to get a vacation

download it HERE for free download the first three Diner Dash version. no need for crack, just download and install.. and you will have the full version... and by the way, its a three in one installer.

i dont have the latest version yet.. but im hoping to have it real soon..
Diner Dash Hometown Hero and Diner Dash Boom

see ya soon.


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Tuesday, July 6

Pyramid (Charice feat. Iyaz)

i like Charice Pempengco, im not really a die hard fan.. but i like the kid.. i like her voice.. and i like her humility..
i just notice that she has been usually compared with Sarah Geronimo but hey! they're two diferent individuals..
she was almost ignored here in the Philippines but is totally adored in the US or in other country.. which made here big in her homeland, Philippines.. thanks to the other people.. tsktsk..

anyway, where is her latest single Pyramid, Featuring Iyaz

Shawty's love is like a pyramid (oh)
We stand together 'till the very end (hey oh)
There'll never be another love for sure (oh)
Iyaz and Charice let we go

Stones, heavy like the love you've shown (shown)
Solid as the ground we've known (known)
And I just wanna carry on
We took it from the bottom all (no no no)
And even in a desert storm (yeah)
Sturdy as a rock we hold (oh)
Wishing every moment froze
Now I just wanna let you know

Iyaz & Charice
Earthquakes can't shake us
Cyclones can't break us
Hurricanes can't take away our love

Pyramid, we built this on a solid rock
It feels just like it's heaven's touch
Together at the top, (at the top baby, at the top girl) like a pyramid
And even when the wind is blowing
We'll never fall just keep on going
Forever we will stay, like a pyramid

Like a pyramid like a pyramid eh (ooh)
Like a pyramid like a pyramid eh (ooh)
Like a pyramid like a pyramid eh eh (oooh)

Cold (cold), never ever when you're close (close)
We will never let it fold
A story that was never told
Something like a mystery (yo)

And every step we took we've grown
Look how fast the time has flown (flown)
A journey to a place unknown
We're going down in history

Iyaz & Charice
Earthquakes can't shake us (no no)
Cyclones can't break us (ohh)
Hurricanes can't take away our love

Pyramid, we built this on a solid rock (hey)
It feels just like it's heaven's touch
Together at the top, (at the top baby, at the top girl) like a pyramid
And even when the wind is blowing (wind is blowing)
We'll never fall just keep it going (keep it going)
Forever we will stay, like a pyramid (eh oh)

Like a pyramid girl let me show you
That I love you so much that we gonna get through (oh oh)
Even though there's storms I will never go
I'ma be the one to keep you safe (hey) before was our love
Back in more than enough holding on to one another
Be the cover when it's rough (oh oh)
Mother nature or disaster
Won't stop a happy ever after (after)

Keep it going (like a pyramid like a pyramid)
Oh Oh Oh Oh Ohhh (like a pyramid like a pyramid)

Pyramid, we built this on a solid rock (solid rock)
It feels just like it's heaven's touch (Ohhhhh)
Together at the top, (at the baby, at the top girl) like a pyramid
And even when the wind is blowing
We'll never fall just keep on going (keep it going)
Forever we will stay, (charice) like a pyramid

(Pyramid), we built this on a solid rock
It feels just like it's heaven's touch
Together at the top (at the top baby, at the top girl), like a pyramid
(Pyramid) and even when the wind is blowing
We'll never fall just keep it going
Forever we will stay (ohh), like a pyramid

Like a pyramid like a pyramid eh
Like a pyramid like a pyramid eh
Like a pyramid like a pyramid eh eh (eh eh)

i love this song.. i hope to sing this song with the man i love and would mean it..

oh well, see ya soon

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my first payment from neobux

i just cashed out from neobux today and i received my payment instantly..
i just love instant payment.. who doesnt?.. LOL

neobux has been around for years and it has been one of the trusted and one of the best PTC sites in the world wide web..

here is my payment proof..

neobux is definitely a legit site... i have no problem with neobux... if you want to join, just click HERE or the banner below.


byebye for now
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Monday, July 5

plants vs. zombies

i left my niece playing plants vs zombies yesterday, she really like the game and have been asking me to let her use the computer... when i came i thought she already finished the final stage...
this morning i asked her about the game.. she told me about the abilities of the zombies and the plants in the i asked her if shes already done with it and have defeated all the zombies... she said she hasn't and still in the roof.. the stage or level where the zombies are trying to get in through the roof..
i asked her why didnt she finish the game when i was out the whole day, she has lots of time to use the computer...
she let out a shy laugh and said she got scared... hahaha... then she took it back...

when i was done with all my routine over the net, i played the game.. my niece saw me and started talking and giving me hints.. then, she said, if i would turn up the volume i could hear the zombies say "braaaiinnnn" .. and that was just scary... the reason why she stopped playing yesterday.. hahaha

anyway, i played this game the first time in my brother's house... i was using his computer and saw the game.. i tried it.. and i found it weird.. i was like, 'why are games getting weird today?' hahaha...
 and made me think that its a good thing his 1 year old son isnt scared.. my brother said his son loves it and even loves watching horror movies... hahaha.. his son thinks its funny.. LOL

when i came home, my best boy bud told me his dad got addicted to this game... his dad has been playing the whole day..  another friend told me how she got addicted and wanted to finish the game only to find out the reward are just dancing zombies.. hahaha.. well, a lot of people has been into this.. when my sister visited us, she has the game in his laptop, and that's how my niece knew about it.. so i figured out of having it in my computer too.. LOL

anyway, you havent tried the game yet, just download it HERE.. just have to unzip the file and VOILA! the game is on... and besides, its never too late to start.. LOL

see you soon

get paid to click
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Sunday, July 4

Lift My Praise Up (Citipointe Live)

There's a praise that's going out
Our generation won't hesitate to shout
Your Praise
Your Praise

There's a cry in each of our hearts
For all of You and nothing but You
My Jesus
My Jesus

I lift my praise up to You Lord
You're all I ever need
I lift my praise up to You Lord
You're all I ever need
All I ever Need

I will stand, I will shout
I will lift my voice in praise to You
I will dance, I will sing
For Your name I lift my praise to You
Praise You yeah

I will stand (Come on) , I will shout (Come on)
I will lift my voice in praise to You
I will dance(Come on), I will sing (Come on)
For Your name I lift my praise to You
Praise You yeah

My Jesus

Yes, Jesus is all i ever need... He is all we need... i just love this song by citipointe.. i hope you love this too...


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Saturday, July 3

David Cook (2008) album

hi all!..

welcome to my new blog... i dont really know what came into my mind.. i was searching for this particular mp3.. I lift My Praise Up by Citipointe but i couldnt find anything online..

anyway, i finally downloaded it now... i just love that song... i will be posting it here soon... right now, i am still trying to finish this blog.. and im going to add a feature for some request maybe... still fixing everything..

but right now, i have a David Cook Album here.. this is his self titled album of 2008..

1. David Cook - Declaration

2. David Cook - Heroes

3. David Cook - Light On

4. David Cook - Come Back to Me

5. David Cook - Life On the Moon

6. David Cook - Bar-Ba-Sol

7. David Cook - Mr. Sensitive

8. David Cook - Lie

9. David Cook - I Did It for You

10. David Cook - Avalanche

11. David Cook - Permanent

12. David Cook - A Daily Anthem


David Cook - Time of My Life

David Cook - Kiss on the Neck

David Cook - Always be my Baby

feel free to download it for yourself... just hit the link...

see ya soon..


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