Thursday, July 8

Diner Dash 3 in 1 (free download)

i love playing RPG, or role playing game.. even in the office my officemates would say im playing games that are for kids.. hahaha... they're fun..
one of the RPG games i like is diner dash.. the story of Flo and her successful diner.. i get the expert score on all levels.. my 7-year old neice is jealous and wants me to play diner dash with her account.. LOL

im lucky i got the first three version of dinerdash...
Diner Dash
Diner Dash Restaurant Rescue - here, Flo helps four fellow restaurant owners defeat the greedy tycoon, Mr. Big
and Diner Dash Flo On the Go - as Flo tries to get a vacation

download it HERE for free download the first three Diner Dash version. no need for crack, just download and install.. and you will have the full version... and by the way, its a three in one installer.

i dont have the latest version yet.. but im hoping to have it real soon..
Diner Dash Hometown Hero and Diner Dash Boom

see ya soon.




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