Saturday, July 10

Hillsong Music playlist 1

hi there,
i will be sharing some hillsong music that i have.. these are not really my fave or my top ten, but i like playing these over and over again with my player... everything is just so meaningful..
anyway, i have decided to do this, since i have a friend who wants to download hillsong music, she hasnt informed me yet what particular song she wants, so i decided to create my own playlist for everybody...

i created a youtube playlist too.. and i made sure there is lyrics so you guys can also sing along... except for HOME, i couldnt find a video with lyrics so i will just have to include it here in this post...

and oh, here is the lyrics for

HOME by Hillsong United
Into Your courts I run with praises 
Flowing from my heart
Every day I wake I sing Your song
It's the anthem of my life

I want to spend my days
In Your presence, Lord
Bow before Your throne
In the house of God
Is where I find my peace
It's where I find my

Home is heaven
One day Lord, I will live
In Your courts, You'll find me
In worship at Your feet
Hide me now
In the shadow of Your wings
Where I will be
Where I will be

Your love is all I need
So desperately I have sought Your face
I know You hear my every cry
And petition that I make

Jesus, oh You are my treasure 

and you can download MP3 HERE
1. Hillsong - I Adore
2. Hillsong - Lead Me To The Cross
3. Hillsong - Break Free
4. Hillsong - Saving Grace
5. Hillsong - Always
6. Hillsong - Came To Rescue
7. Hillsong - Oceans will Part
8. Hillsong - Now That You're Near
9. Hillsong - Home
10. Hillsong - From the Inside Out 

have a great day!.. God bless you!

see ya soon


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