Friday, July 9

Lockerz redemption

finally i have experienced Lockerz redemption.. and wow! its seriously CRAZY!... waaaaahhhhh

i had to stay awake and wait for the redemption.. i had my alarm clock set every 30 minutes to keeo me awake.. to constantly check... and i was there the very minute when it came live.. i was there even before lockerzalert played there alarm...
like what they say, the site loads slower than usual.. definitely because of huge traffic.. and when i was there, i was shock that everything fresh out.. paypal cash, all the gadgets, only thing left are those desktop backgrounds worth 15 PTZ...

so i had to redeem something.. what will i do with my ptz anyways.. well, i can keep it until next redemption.. i hope there will be exclusive redemption for z-lister soon..

hahaha.. what will i do with the desktop background i redeemed?...

crazy crazy crazy... i had sleepless night watiting for the redemption and nothing happened... i badly needed it and i prayed for it.. oh well, i guess its not yet time..

ive heard it usually things fresh out within 5-15 minutes... i was hoping 15 minutes... the good stuff lasted for just about 2 minutes.. hahaha.. i guess they are only giving away 1 item per prize...

hahah.. the redemption is over for less than an hour... really crazy...

damn you LockerZ! i am so disappointed in you... waaaahhhhh.. oh well, better luck next time to me.. LOL

got to go..

byebye for now



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