Thursday, July 15

Paid by MyLot

its always a nice feeling when you open your mail and you see a message from paypal that you have been paid... hehehe
yeah, i recieved my first payment from MyLot today... its my payment for the month of june..
in MyLot, payout is every 15th and cut off is every 30th.. so i received mine today.. yeeeyyy

anyway, MyLot is like a combination of a forum, a social networking site, and like a yahoo answers.. you can ask questions and get answers.. you can share your opinion.. you can create your profile.. you can participate in the discussions, comments on blogs, submit photos and earn from all those activities.. you even get rewarded by using MyLot's search engine..  really cool.. im enjoying it there than spending my time in facebook without earning even a cent..

click HERE for more info about MyLot

if you're not yet a member, better join now.. trust me you will love it...

see you there!...

byebye for now


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