Monday, July 5

plants vs. zombies

i left my niece playing plants vs zombies yesterday, she really like the game and have been asking me to let her use the computer... when i came i thought she already finished the final stage...
this morning i asked her about the game.. she told me about the abilities of the zombies and the plants in the i asked her if shes already done with it and have defeated all the zombies... she said she hasn't and still in the roof.. the stage or level where the zombies are trying to get in through the roof..
i asked her why didnt she finish the game when i was out the whole day, she has lots of time to use the computer...
she let out a shy laugh and said she got scared... hahaha... then she took it back...

when i was done with all my routine over the net, i played the game.. my niece saw me and started talking and giving me hints.. then, she said, if i would turn up the volume i could hear the zombies say "braaaiinnnn" .. and that was just scary... the reason why she stopped playing yesterday.. hahaha

anyway, i played this game the first time in my brother's house... i was using his computer and saw the game.. i tried it.. and i found it weird.. i was like, 'why are games getting weird today?' hahaha...
 and made me think that its a good thing his 1 year old son isnt scared.. my brother said his son loves it and even loves watching horror movies... hahaha.. his son thinks its funny.. LOL

when i came home, my best boy bud told me his dad got addicted to this game... his dad has been playing the whole day..  another friend told me how she got addicted and wanted to finish the game only to find out the reward are just dancing zombies.. hahaha.. well, a lot of people has been into this.. when my sister visited us, she has the game in his laptop, and that's how my niece knew about it.. so i figured out of having it in my computer too.. LOL

anyway, you havent tried the game yet, just download it HERE.. just have to unzip the file and VOILA! the game is on... and besides, its never too late to start.. LOL

see you soon

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