Friday, July 30

SCAM: sites i would not recommend

i have just recently learned about this online earning thing... when i quit my job, i realized i have become broke... i should start doing something to get extra income...
i have joined a lot of sites that could help me earn.. i have joined sites for affiliate marketing, i have joined freelance sites for online jobs like odesk and, i have joined some get-paid-to sites, mostly get paid to click sites...
some of them has paid me (MyLot, AyuWage, Onbux and Neobux) some hasnt even if i have reached cash out.. unfortunately, some turned out scam...

i have been sharing payment proofs from the sites that pays, and now i just realized i should share those sites that turned out scams, too, to help you guys decide what site to join..

usually, i make a research of a particular site before i join, but there are times that i feel too lazy.. hahaha..

anyway, here are some sites that i wouldnt recommend at all.. - when i joined the site, i know it was paying. i have read good reviews about it and have seen payment proof but not too long, people were doubting about it. the site pays really late, its taking them months to pay.. and recently updated their terms and wanted people to upgrade for them to get paid. damn, now its no longer paid to click, it has become pay to get paid..
yesterday, i logged back to my account, my pending cash out was gone, i thought i was finally paid, coz somebody from mylot received his payment.. but hell no, my pending cash out is added back to my current balance.. damn you gagabux.. oh well, they're finally paying i guess, but not for free members.. - its a new site, it has launched january 2010, it seems good at first and i was hoping i could cashout soon. but then, the owner sold the site for just $10, and when i reached cashout, its not paying. it may ask you what payment method to use, either paypal or alertpay but then there is a warning that there will be no cashout, only convert to advertising. and now, it seems like it has become a traffic exchange site... plus forum has been under maintenance for weeks.. - i have joined the site on prelaunch hoping to get a pioneer membership, but launching has been delayed and now, when i visit the site, it says my account is suspended... i dont even know what i did... crazy waterbux.. i dont even know if the site has finally launched or not.. - same with gagabux, i joined the site knowing that it is paying.. i know it was a legit site.. but then, after some time, the site has been getting problems of paying. cash out was disabled and admin promised to have it back on july 10.. i have reached the minimum but still cash out is disabled and there was no word from admin.. tsktsktsk.. admin has abandoned it and now the site is not loading. - i dont know what is so wrong with this site. i have reached minimum cashout yesterday and tried to cashout but then its routing me to paypal webpage. i have heard that it has become a scam site though... so i guess thats it... so im not recommending the site..

so that all for now... that's all the scam sites that i have encountered yet.. i hope i wont encounter more.. oh well, its just normal to encounter scam sites once in a while i guess.. LOL

byebye for now



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