Saturday, August 28

my first payment from Incentria

received my first payment from incentria today... its a another legit PTC way similar with clicksia since they have the same owner or admin..
i requested my payment yesterday and received it today.. fast isnt it?..

here is my payment proof


byebye for now..
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Tuesday, August 24

first payment from Clicksia

another payment from a legit PTC received.. i wasnt really expecting it today, i slept after watching Ms. Universe, a little disappointed about Venus Raj's answer but somehow proud for she still made it to the final 5.
anyway, that is not the reason why im blogging now, im blogging to show you all my payment proof from Clicksia, another legit PTC..

here is my payment proofduit
im not expecting to recieve it today since clicksia process payments within 7 days, and was thinking i may receive it in the last day.. i did not, coz i received it a couple of days after requesting the payment...

Clicksia is a legit Aurora PTC site.. join now


see ya there!..

byebye for now....
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Friday, August 20

my first payment from FUSIONMAILS

i was just cleaning my inbox a moment ago when i received an email from paypal.. im excited coz i got my first payment from fusionmails.. fusionmails, pays twice a month... its slow earner since its just an aurora site but it doesnt matter to me as long as it is paying.. plus fusionmails is definitely a legit site...
anyway, here is my payment proof
and i would also like to qoute this from fusionmails admin

"Normally our payment policy will be like this:

6th-15th and 21st-30th: withdrawing page open for you to request payment
1st-5th and 16th-20th: withdrawing page closed for us to check and process payments

This applys to every month so everybody get paid within max 15 days unless otherwise stated!

Thanks, Bu. "

fusionmails has been online for more than 6 years, so definitely a legit site... join us now

and before i forget, points can be converted to cash too..

byebye for nowminum
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Wednesday, August 18

how i earn online

A lot of my friends has been asking me of how am i earning online and what are these sites about.. and so, i realize to create this page so i dont have to answer them one by one.. i want to share to you all, how i earn online and how easy this is... just click the banner to visit the site and just click “ payment proof” in the drop down under earning online in my navigation bar for my latest payment proof.

all you need is a computer, and an internet connection and you are good to go..

before i will tell you about these sites, first you’ll need to know of how you get paid..

i join sites, that pays me through paypal or alertpay

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

dont worry if you dont have a credit card, i verified mine using my debit card or you can also use any of your bank account to verify or withdraw your earnings..

alertpay is just the same with paypal and you can even verify your account just with your phone number.

now that you have your payment processor you are more than good to go!...

first, if you are interested in some freelance work or jobs, like data entry, web design, video editing, in home customer service, then Odesk is for you..

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

if you dont have paypal account, you can even apply for payoneer debit card, mine arrived in a month.

here is another site i love, you earn just by participating in the discussions, sharing pictures under your interests, and even using the search engine.

earn: varies (depending on activities) min cashout:$10 payment method: paypal

from here, i will be sharing Paid to Click (PTC) sites i am working with.. all you need to do here is just to browse and view ads.. very simple, just register, browse ads, and refer your friends, and cash out when you reach the minimum.

Pay per ad: $0.01 min. cash out: $10 payment method: paypal / check

note: please install the toolbar and check all interest options when you sign up

AyuWage Services - Get Paid to Visits Sites and Complete Surveys

Pay per ad: $0.01 min. cash out: $5 payment method: paypal / check

note: credits will be converted to cash for cashout and please install the toolbar and click as soon as site is available

Get Paid for Browsing the Internet with LogiPTC

Pay per ad: varies ($0.005-$0.02) min. cash out: $5 payment method: paypal

note: install the toolbar and click as soon as site is available

Pay per ad: $0.01 min. cash out: $2 payment method: paypal / alertpay

note: a lot of people believe that this is the most trusted PTC site in the web, and i believe this is a good site a newbie could start

Pay per ad: varies (credits) min. cash out: $5.50 payment method: paypal

note: credits are converted to cash every thursday and i suggest to check for ads multiple times a day - You get cash from clicks

Pay per ad: 0.005 min. cash out: €3 payment method: paypal

note: take note that its not in usd payment is in euro

Pay per ad: varies (up to $0.02) min. cash out: $2 payment method: paypal/alertpay

Pay per ad: $0.008 min. cash out: $2 payment method: paypal/alertpay


Pay per ad: varies min. cash out: $1 payment method: paypal/ alertpay


Pay per ad: varies min. cash out: $1 payment method: paypal/ alertpay

Internet marketing with a cube

Pay per ad: up to £0.015) min. cash out: £6 payment method: paypal/ alertpay

note: site pays in pounds not in usd

Pay per ad: varies (up to $0.02) min. cash out: $3 payment method: paypal/ alertpay

Pay per ad: varies (up to $0.01) min. cash out: $2 payment method: paypal/ alertpay

MoneyBux - Trusted PTC site

Pay per ad: varies (up to $0.01) min. cash out: $1 payment method: paypal/ alertpay

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

Pay per ad: $0.005 - $0.01 min. cash out: $10 payment method: paypal

Pay per ad: $0.008 min. cash out: $2 payment method: paypal/ alertpay

Pay per ad: $0.01 min. cash out: $2 payment method: paypal/ alertpay

Pay per ad: varies min. cash out: $1 payment method: paypal/ alertpay

note: some ads gives you points but you can also convert it to cash or for advertising

that's all for now for PTCs.. ill just be updating this so keep coming back

now, here are other sites which can help you earn

1:1 Traffic Exchange

earn: $0.3 per 1000 sites viewed min. cash out: $3 payment method: paypal/alertpay

note: EasyHIts4U is a manual traffic exchange site. so if you want traffic to your website this is definitely for you.. but you dont really need to have a website for this, traffic exchange is also a good way to advertise and to earn referals, you can also submit banners and text ads.


earn: varies (depending on task) min. cash out: $9 payment method: paypal/alertpay / check

earn: varies min. cash out: $5 payment method: paypal/alertpay

note: you earn when someone click the link that you shrink but the amount depends on the location of the visitor

well, that’s all for now, if you have any questions, just feel free to leave a comment and I will answer you back.. thanks

byebye for now peluk


Ill constantly update this page so keep coming back..

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Tuesday, August 17

Animals Matter to Me

i dont have a pet, i dont have a dog, infact i am scared of dogs. A dog's bark makes me loose my breath. i found some dogs cute but still im kinda scared of them as they might bite..
i hate it when there are dogs everywhere specially in the streets.. i got obvious marks in my face and a huge scar in my left knee because of a motorcycle accident caused by a dog which suddenly crossed the street.. yet, i cant bare to see dogs being killed and beings exposed to cruelty..
i cant bare to see any animals being killed... and honestly there came in my life that i dont even eat meat at all, just because i can imagine how they are being killed... good thing, i have already overcome that.. lol sengihnampakgigi

when i saw in the news about "tambucho-gassing", the new way of euthanasia for stray dogs, i really felt sorry for those dogs, i could feel them suffer, its like i could feel their pain.. they were panicking, they wanted to escape until they die.. sedih

for the benefit of those who do no know how this is done, dogs are being locked up in a metal box with a hose connected to a vehicle's exhaust pipe. they will now start the engine which would emit gas to the box.. you would definitely hear the dogs' cry, you can hear them panicking wanting to escape.. damn! how can these people bare to see that?

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) are already starting a campaign to stop this method..

i dont really agree to euthanasia, either for humans or animals... animals have feelings too.. they are also like human. if we have Human Rights they have Animal Rights too... i just wish people will start to protect them. and those owners will take their responsibility seriously..

i am now joining the campaign against animal cruelty, because animals matter to me. how about you?.. do animals matter to you?.. click HERE if they do... thanks

byebye for now babai
P.S. this reminds me about Elle Woods of Legally Blonde.. kenyit
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Wednesday, August 11

Imported my Friendster Blog to Blogger

finally, i have completely moved Sane Insanity here in blogger...
I started my blog, Sane Insanity (2005) in friendster until i realized i should move in blogger..
anyway, i recently learned about importing and exporting blogs, so i tried it last night..i had a problem last night, i couldnt import my friendster blog and i cant even convert it as it was a large file.. this morning, i tried to do it again, i exported my blog from friendster, converted it to an xml file compatible to blogger and imported it... i was shock and excited as it went through...

here is how i did it:
1. go to friendster blog dashboard.. hit on Manage Tab
3. then, hit on Export Link
4. then click on Downlod Export File button on the lower left hand corner of the screen5. save the xml file6. then go to ( friendster blog is powered by wordpress, and its not compatible with blogger so you'll have to convert it)
you may notice this note at the bottom: NOTE: This hosted application will only allow downloads smaller than 1MB.

i dont know how, but i was able to convert my 2.4mb file which became 1.6mb after converting.

7. save converted xml
8. go to your blog settings. under Basic, for blog tools, click Import10. then, browse for the converted xml file and hit IMPORT BLOG Button and you can also select to publish all post automatically or you can do it manually

alright, that's it.. it was just so easy... now you will noticed i suddenly got a lot of post here.. i trasfered here in blogger on June 2010, so all those post before that are actually my posts from friendster blog... kenyit

i hope i am able to help..

byebye for now


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Tuesday, August 10

withdraw paypal balance to BDO

i just had an information that BDO terminated their service with paypal..
i was a little disappointed coz i already withdrew my balance before i got that information, which means, there will be another fee for unsuccessful transaction..gigil
but hey!... here is a good news...
i just received my money from paypal to my BDO bank account..
i withdrew it last week, and its true, it will take 2-4 BANKING days. in my case, it took 4 BANKING days..

i was actually hesitant to withdraw it using BDO, since BDO would say they are not affiliated with paypal and so its best to use major credit cards.. i dont have a credit card, but my paypal account was verified using my BDO mastercard debit card.

i didnt withdraw the money using the debit card though, i wanted to be safe, i made research and found out that most BDO users, use their savings bank account.. so i used mine too... i just got to, since im still waiting for my EON card from unionbank. At least with EON card, i know its affiliated with paypal...

anyway, i beleive you can actually withdraw your paypal balance to any bank, its actually just wire transfer from paypal to your bank account.. but i suggest to contact your bank first just to be safe... i didnt contact mine though, but i might try it with my chinabank account, since chinabank is just accessible. but before i do, ill make sure ill contact them... kenyit

anyway, here is a complete tutorial of how to withdraw your paypal balance using your bank account.. click HERE.

byebye for now babai
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