Tuesday, August 17

Animals Matter to Me

i dont have a pet, i dont have a dog, infact i am scared of dogs. A dog's bark makes me loose my breath. i found some dogs cute but still im kinda scared of them as they might bite..
i hate it when there are dogs everywhere specially in the streets.. i got obvious marks in my face and a huge scar in my left knee because of a motorcycle accident caused by a dog which suddenly crossed the street.. yet, i cant bare to see dogs being killed and beings exposed to cruelty..
i cant bare to see any animals being killed... and honestly there came in my life that i dont even eat meat at all, just because i can imagine how they are being killed... good thing, i have already overcome that.. lol sengihnampakgigi

when i saw in the news about "tambucho-gassing", the new way of euthanasia for stray dogs, i really felt sorry for those dogs, i could feel them suffer, its like i could feel their pain.. they were panicking, they wanted to escape until they die.. sedih

for the benefit of those who do no know how this is done, dogs are being locked up in a metal box with a hose connected to a vehicle's exhaust pipe. they will now start the engine which would emit gas to the box.. you would definitely hear the dogs' cry, you can hear them panicking wanting to escape.. damn! how can these people bare to see that?

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) are already starting a campaign to stop this method..

i dont really agree to euthanasia, either for humans or animals... animals have feelings too.. they are also like human. if we have Human Rights they have Animal Rights too... i just wish people will start to protect them. and those owners will take their responsibility seriously..

i am now joining the campaign against animal cruelty, because animals matter to me. how about you?.. do animals matter to you?.. click HERE if they do... thanks

byebye for now babai
P.S. this reminds me about Elle Woods of Legally Blonde.. kenyit
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