Wednesday, August 11

Imported my Friendster Blog to Blogger

finally, i have completely moved Sane Insanity here in blogger...
I started my blog, Sane Insanity (2005) in friendster until i realized i should move in blogger..
anyway, i recently learned about importing and exporting blogs, so i tried it last night..i had a problem last night, i couldnt import my friendster blog and i cant even convert it as it was a large file.. this morning, i tried to do it again, i exported my blog from friendster, converted it to an xml file compatible to blogger and imported it... i was shock and excited as it went through...

here is how i did it:
1. go to friendster blog dashboard.. hit on Manage Tab
3. then, hit on Export Link
4. then click on Downlod Export File button on the lower left hand corner of the screen5. save the xml file6. then go to ( friendster blog is powered by wordpress, and its not compatible with blogger so you'll have to convert it)
you may notice this note at the bottom: NOTE: This hosted application will only allow downloads smaller than 1MB.

i dont know how, but i was able to convert my 2.4mb file which became 1.6mb after converting.

7. save converted xml
8. go to your blog settings. under Basic, for blog tools, click Import10. then, browse for the converted xml file and hit IMPORT BLOG Button and you can also select to publish all post automatically or you can do it manually

alright, that's it.. it was just so easy... now you will noticed i suddenly got a lot of post here.. i trasfered here in blogger on June 2010, so all those post before that are actually my posts from friendster blog... kenyit

i hope i am able to help..

byebye for now


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