Friday, August 20

my first payment from FUSIONMAILS

i was just cleaning my inbox a moment ago when i received an email from paypal.. im excited coz i got my first payment from fusionmails.. fusionmails, pays twice a month... its slow earner since its just an aurora site but it doesnt matter to me as long as it is paying.. plus fusionmails is definitely a legit site...
anyway, here is my payment proof
and i would also like to qoute this from fusionmails admin

"Normally our payment policy will be like this:

6th-15th and 21st-30th: withdrawing page open for you to request payment
1st-5th and 16th-20th: withdrawing page closed for us to check and process payments

This applys to every month so everybody get paid within max 15 days unless otherwise stated!

Thanks, Bu. "

fusionmails has been online for more than 6 years, so definitely a legit site... join us now

and before i forget, points can be converted to cash too..

byebye for nowminum


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