Tuesday, August 3

plagiarism: not tolerable

its weird.. i logged back in my friendster blog yesterday to link this new blog and i saw my old posts in another blog. i thought there was just something wrong. but hell, no! hahi visited that blog and it was positive, somebody copied my innermost thoughts in her own personal friendster blog...

its crazy, why would some people do that..

this isnt really the first time, when i just first started blogging, a friend once copied my blog post in her own blog .. and i find it crazy and so i confronted her..

i dont know, but i feel violated.. i feel like my identity was stolen too.. seriously, it was my innermost thoughts, doesnt she have her own mind?.. haha

i dont really know what she is up to.. probably she didnt mean it but if she likes my post she could have just linked my blog.. tsktsktsk ngantuk

i dont really like copying somebody else's work.. i have my own identity and i want to keep it.. takbole

and oh, i remember a friend also asked me once if he could copy my favorite movies to his friendster profile.. haha.. good thing he asked for my permission..

anyway, ill go inform that girl that i don't tolerate plagiarism

byebye for nowbabai



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