Tuesday, August 10

withdraw paypal balance to BDO

i just had an information that BDO terminated their service with paypal..
i was a little disappointed coz i already withdrew my balance before i got that information, which means, there will be another fee for unsuccessful transaction..gigil
but hey!... here is a good news...
i just received my money from paypal to my BDO bank account..
i withdrew it last week, and its true, it will take 2-4 BANKING days. in my case, it took 4 BANKING days..

i was actually hesitant to withdraw it using BDO, since BDO would say they are not affiliated with paypal and so its best to use major credit cards.. i dont have a credit card, but my paypal account was verified using my BDO mastercard debit card.

i didnt withdraw the money using the debit card though, i wanted to be safe, i made research and found out that most BDO users, use their savings bank account.. so i used mine too... i just got to, since im still waiting for my EON card from unionbank. At least with EON card, i know its affiliated with paypal...

anyway, i beleive you can actually withdraw your paypal balance to any bank, its actually just wire transfer from paypal to your bank account.. but i suggest to contact your bank first just to be safe... i didnt contact mine though, but i might try it with my chinabank account, since chinabank is just accessible. but before i do, ill make sure ill contact them... kenyit

anyway, here is a complete tutorial of how to withdraw your paypal balance using your bank account.. click HERE.

byebye for now babai
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