Saturday, October 30

2 New Payments

i just received 2 new payments from 2 different Paid to Click sites. i received my firs $10 cashout from AyuWage a couple of days ago but i forgot to post it here since my computer was still in the shop that time.. anyway, here is my payment proof.

minimum cashout for ayuwage is $5 but i really waited to cashout at $10 so i would get 400 credits for free.. kenyit
and if you are interested to join AyuWage, i would like to remind you to install the toolbar so you will get updated for available ads to click and definitely you will earn fast..

AyuWage Services - Get Paid to Visits Sites and Complete Surveys


and today, i also recieved my first payment from mycubie. its a new PTC site, and its good to know that its paying.. here is my payment proof.
minimum payout is $ join mycubie now! kenyit

see you in these sites..

byebye for now
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i take care of my teeth

finally after days of bugging my mom to accompany me to my dentist, we were finally able to visit her. Im not afraid of dentist, i just love it when im with my mom because she gets to pay for the service plus i can request for more, like maybe we can eat out or go somewhere after the visit.. lol

anyway, so yeah, i do take care of my teeth and my mom keeps reminding me that too.. i remember when i left the province and went to the big city for work, my mom kept reminding me to take care of my teeth.

i went to the dentist for a prophylaxis yesterday and good thing i dont have dental problem.. i particularly asked my dentist if a tooth needs filling and she just said i got no dental problems.. and one compliment i heard from her, is that i got a really nice set of teeth.. *blushing*

back in high school i wanted to get braces, i just find it cute and attractive.. lol.. but when i asked my dentist if i can have braces, she told me i dont need one.. i got disappointed but i didnt show it.. recently, i realized it is such a compliment when people asked me if i used to wear braces and they get shocked when they find out i dont. I dont have a perfect pearly white teeth but i got a perfectly aligned set of teeth.. lol

bottom line? it is really important to take good care of your teeth.. it adds up to your beauty as mom would always say (haha), plus you'd get your perfect smile.. sengihnampakgigi.. so, brush your teeth three times a day, floss and visit your dentist regularly then show off that perfect smile..

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Wednesday, October 27

Back in Farmville

im back in Farmville..
i havent been playing this facebook game since my computer is really slow but a few days ago i brought my computer to the local tech, had it reformatted for there were two viruses found and i also had my RAM upgraded to higher memory..
last night, i was just accepting farmville gifts from friends and wasnt really expecting i would be able to go through this application.. lol hah
Farmville has improved there are a lot of new things i can no longer relate to.. haha...
oh well, im back farming.. here is a screenshot of my farm..
sorry the land is still barren, no crops yet im still about to plant seeds.. sengihnampakgigi

anyway, i got a little trivia,
Farmville is actually a real place found in Virginia, USA.. (source)

byebye for now
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Monday, October 25

1st month of motherhood

it has been a month since i gave birth to Sofia and until now i am still amazed by how a 3.2 kg 53 cm tall baby was able to fit in my tummy and how she was able to live in there for nine months and how she was able to get out from there too.. i am still amazed by this gift..

i survived.. i survived the pain of labor and still surviving from the emotional pain of being heart broken...

it has been more than a month, i thought im already ok, but there are still cold nights that my tears would fall.. at times when i stare at Sofie my tears would fall. its not because i dont want my baby, but its because i still love her dad and yet i want to forget him..

im confused, i would miss him, i still love him but i want to hate him, i want to forget him.

it has been more than a month, and there are still a lot of times that i would feel im ok and then feel the pain..

i have quit communicating with him because its only breaking my heart more. i wish i could just erase him in my life.. i wish i become numb.

this is my first month of motherhood, and when people ask me how is being a mom, i would usually reply that its exciting and sleepless.

i havent really had a good night sleep. Sofie cries almost every three hours and i have to feed her. but i am always excited of what Sofie can do. im excited to buy things for her. im excited to see her grow up. im excited about everything about her..

and i just love staring at her and see her facial expressions.. i love smelling her, kissing her.. i love my baby..

today, we somehow celebrated Sofie's 1st month. we had cake and ice cream and i told my friends its her birthday.. lol...


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Sunday, October 24

Sofie's day out

Babies needs sunlight to keep them healthy and to protect or cure them from jaundice. so today I together with my family took my daughter Sofia out.. This is Sofie's first day out and finally Sofia meets , the world outside our home.. :)

it was not really just a day out for Sofie, my 7-year old niece has been bugging my father that we go to the park and finally we did.. lol

anyway, that's it for now..

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Friday, October 22

Billionaire (Bisaya)

a couple of days ago, two of my guy friends came by to visit me (or maybe to visit my daughter Sofia?.. hmmm.. lol)
we got nothing else to do.. Den Mark, was showing us a youtube video of the Bisaya version of Billionaire then Mico remembered that we made this 'stupid' music video using my bestfriend Yen's laptop a couple of years ago.. So we decided to make a new one and have fun with the web cam.. lol.
Den Mark, decided we make it with the Bisaya version of Billionaire...
so here is our output.. lol

you can download the MP3 by clicking HERE
and here is the lyrics..
Daghan na ang nabillionaire sa internet cafe
magovernight sa cubicle nga busloton
Tabunan ang mga buho ug mga magazine
Dayon mag borles aron dako sila'g halin

Piyonga lang ang imong eyes
Kung dili ka makaangay (yeah)
Lain-laing setting every night
Oh I, I swear
Daghan dihang gusto, gustong mabillionaire

yeah, kusog kayo mushow nga wa nay bra,
tangtangon ang ilang blouse, isablay diha sa sira
pakita sa ilang paa
mga tigulang hala muapil pa gyud ug singit
gusto musalida bisan kunot na kaayo ilang panit
mag make up taman-taman, simod papula-pula
ang keyboard di na maklaro kay baga na kaayo ug antipara
tanan klase sa bilangkad nahurot na niya ug porma
bahala'g panuhuton haplasan lang ug tuba-tuba, yeah
bisan lisod, agwantahon ta ni
kay ang kano gusto kita ug ering nga nag ngisi, yeah
di ka magansi pero ayaw palabi kay scandal kini

Piyonga lang ang imong eyes
Kung dili ka makaangay (yeah)
Lain-laing setting every night
Oh I, I swear
Daghan dihang gusto, gustong mabillionaire

abi ko'g dalaga ang naa sa cubicle
dako kaayo ug bukol
way buot nga bayot nagsuot diay'g bra nga bagol
pwerteng putia sa nawng niya sa camera
mura gyud espasol nga wa mahalin ug napan-os na
yeah, pwerteng igata na sa kanahan
kung naay mutan-aw keber wa siya'y pakialam
mga iningles lisod apan kumbati ra
ako'y interpreter sa dollar magtunga ta
makalingaw ni, makahimuot ni
daghang nabuang sa chat kay makadato ni
ayaw pakansi, ayaw pagpaulahi
pabaga ra sa nawng ato puhunan ini

Gusto sad ko mabillionaire sa internet cafe
Magovernight ko's cubicle nga busloton
Tabunan ko'ng mga buho ug mga magazine
kay nya'g makita ang dala nakong bitin

ohh, dili na nato madeny
Daghan diha's atong balay, yeah
Lain-laing setting everynigh, atong mister
Ibahog ta sa kano para lang ma billionaire

Gusto ka ba mabillionaire sa internet cafe?

haha.. it was my first time to hear this, i didnt know the exact lyrics and when they left and i checked it again, i was laughing i enjoyed the lyrics... hahaha.. LMAO.. nalingaw ko.. sory for those who didnt understand song.. :D

and oh, i didnt notice Mico's shirt until i previewed the video..LMAO..


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Monday, October 18

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Saturday, October 16

Life is too short

 i was in the hospital this afternoon for my check up. The Emergency Room was busy, and it seems to me that there were a lot of patients today, it wasnt the same with those days when i go to the hospital for my prenatal check up.

i was sitting outside while waiting for my doctor. while i was sitting there, i noticed this attendant (i guess) told the other from the out patient department that the person is dead. before i came out i saw that they were trying to revive this person's life but now, people were already talking about this person's death. i wasnt really eavesdropping but i cant help but overhear them. this person collapsed in the Out Patient Dept and so they immediately brought him to the emergency room. they were able to revive him but only for a few minutes. he was even able to talk, and then suddenly lost his breath and died. it was so sudden.

on my way home, i cant help but think about the incident. i dont really know what was the health condition of that man all i know is that death is such an inevitable thing. its one thing we cant escape. we can probably somehow try, at least try to prolong our life but if God will decide to take it, there is nothing we can do. sometimes, there is time to be ready for it, sometimes it happens in a sudden. and what if its the latter?
The Purpose Driven® Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?
Life is just borrowed and life is too short. we dont know when it will end. so i told myself, today i would start to live and enjoy my life and try to forget about those heartaches and pains. i would start my life again. start climbing again to reach my goals. today, i would live my life with a purpose, a purpose with God. we are here in this world because we are living for God. I know, i made a lot of mistakes, i am vulnerable to mistakes but still God didnt leave me and i know He wont.

anyway, when i arrived home, i told our helper about what happened and i said, maybe God gave him the chance to ask forgiveness and accept Him as his Savior that was why they were able to revive him even just for a few minutes. and I wish he was able to accept God.


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Tuesday, October 12

first payment from Evolutionbux

if i didnt clean up my email, didnt delete all those notification mails from facebook, i wouldnt have known that my first payment from evolutionbux is already in my paypal.. sengihnampakgigi
it was sent yesterday.. anyway, here is my payment proof..
hope to cash out again soon.. duit


byebye for now
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Sunday, October 3

Dear God, my father

Dear God,
a lot has been happening to me these days... things has been tough, if not because of You i might lose hope, probably lose my sanity...
thank you for being with me.. I have made a mistake, I disappointed You but You still accepted me.. You still carried me through..
i was stubborn, and so You allowed me to fall, to fall hard...
i promised to wait for the man you prepared for me, but then i was in a hurry... when he came, i accepted him even though i know deep inside, he is not yet the one.. i fell for him, i have loved him..
God, when i found out i was pregnant, i knew i wasnt ready and its not yet the time, but because of my stubbornness it happened...
when we broke up and reconciled, i thought you made us for each other but he is now gone again.. it was the most painful and heartbreaking part of my life, but then you held my hand..,. You reminded me, that you will never leave me. i know you allowed this to happen because you have better plans for my life... I still love him, i still want a complete family, i still want to share every moments of our baby with him but God, I will let your will be done.
thank you for always being with me, specially for accompanying me when i gave birth to Sofie. thank you for hearing my prayers... i have asked You for a healthy and normal baby and You gave me that.. i have asked You for a safe delivery and to hold my hand when i deliver my baby and You didnt fail me. i know You where there, i know You were holding my hand.. no words can express my gratitude for all Your mercy and love.
God, please protect my baby, please guide me and help me become a good mother to my baby.
again, thank you for keeping me strong. thank you for not leaving me.

your daughter,
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Saturday, October 2

2nd payment from Onbux

just cashed out from Onbux today and i received my second instant payment from them..
here is my payment proof...join onbux now... its another legit and paying site... similar to neobux.. duitduitduit

byebye for now

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