Wednesday, October 27

Back in Farmville

im back in Farmville..
i havent been playing this facebook game since my computer is really slow but a few days ago i brought my computer to the local tech, had it reformatted for there were two viruses found and i also had my RAM upgraded to higher memory..
last night, i was just accepting farmville gifts from friends and wasnt really expecting i would be able to go through this application.. lol hah
Farmville has improved there are a lot of new things i can no longer relate to.. haha...
oh well, im back farming.. here is a screenshot of my farm..
sorry the land is still barren, no crops yet im still about to plant seeds.. sengihnampakgigi

anyway, i got a little trivia,
Farmville is actually a real place found in Virginia, USA.. (source)

byebye for now
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