Sunday, October 3

Dear God, my father

Dear God,
a lot has been happening to me these days... things has been tough, if not because of You i might lose hope, probably lose my sanity...
thank you for being with me.. I have made a mistake, I disappointed You but You still accepted me.. You still carried me through..
i was stubborn, and so You allowed me to fall, to fall hard...
i promised to wait for the man you prepared for me, but then i was in a hurry... when he came, i accepted him even though i know deep inside, he is not yet the one.. i fell for him, i have loved him..
God, when i found out i was pregnant, i knew i wasnt ready and its not yet the time, but because of my stubbornness it happened...
when we broke up and reconciled, i thought you made us for each other but he is now gone again.. it was the most painful and heartbreaking part of my life, but then you held my hand..,. You reminded me, that you will never leave me. i know you allowed this to happen because you have better plans for my life... I still love him, i still want a complete family, i still want to share every moments of our baby with him but God, I will let your will be done.
thank you for always being with me, specially for accompanying me when i gave birth to Sofie. thank you for hearing my prayers... i have asked You for a healthy and normal baby and You gave me that.. i have asked You for a safe delivery and to hold my hand when i deliver my baby and You didnt fail me. i know You where there, i know You were holding my hand.. no words can express my gratitude for all Your mercy and love.
God, please protect my baby, please guide me and help me become a good mother to my baby.
again, thank you for keeping me strong. thank you for not leaving me.

your daughter,
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