Saturday, October 30

i take care of my teeth

finally after days of bugging my mom to accompany me to my dentist, we were finally able to visit her. Im not afraid of dentist, i just love it when im with my mom because she gets to pay for the service plus i can request for more, like maybe we can eat out or go somewhere after the visit.. lol

anyway, so yeah, i do take care of my teeth and my mom keeps reminding me that too.. i remember when i left the province and went to the big city for work, my mom kept reminding me to take care of my teeth.

i went to the dentist for a prophylaxis yesterday and good thing i dont have dental problem.. i particularly asked my dentist if a tooth needs filling and she just said i got no dental problems.. and one compliment i heard from her, is that i got a really nice set of teeth.. *blushing*

back in high school i wanted to get braces, i just find it cute and attractive.. lol.. but when i asked my dentist if i can have braces, she told me i dont need one.. i got disappointed but i didnt show it.. recently, i realized it is such a compliment when people asked me if i used to wear braces and they get shocked when they find out i dont. I dont have a perfect pearly white teeth but i got a perfectly aligned set of teeth.. lol

bottom line? it is really important to take good care of your teeth.. it adds up to your beauty as mom would always say (haha), plus you'd get your perfect smile.. sengihnampakgigi.. so, brush your teeth three times a day, floss and visit your dentist regularly then show off that perfect smile..

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