Saturday, October 16

Life is too short

 i was in the hospital this afternoon for my check up. The Emergency Room was busy, and it seems to me that there were a lot of patients today, it wasnt the same with those days when i go to the hospital for my prenatal check up.

i was sitting outside while waiting for my doctor. while i was sitting there, i noticed this attendant (i guess) told the other from the out patient department that the person is dead. before i came out i saw that they were trying to revive this person's life but now, people were already talking about this person's death. i wasnt really eavesdropping but i cant help but overhear them. this person collapsed in the Out Patient Dept and so they immediately brought him to the emergency room. they were able to revive him but only for a few minutes. he was even able to talk, and then suddenly lost his breath and died. it was so sudden.

on my way home, i cant help but think about the incident. i dont really know what was the health condition of that man all i know is that death is such an inevitable thing. its one thing we cant escape. we can probably somehow try, at least try to prolong our life but if God will decide to take it, there is nothing we can do. sometimes, there is time to be ready for it, sometimes it happens in a sudden. and what if its the latter?
The Purpose Driven® Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?
Life is just borrowed and life is too short. we dont know when it will end. so i told myself, today i would start to live and enjoy my life and try to forget about those heartaches and pains. i would start my life again. start climbing again to reach my goals. today, i would live my life with a purpose, a purpose with God. we are here in this world because we are living for God. I know, i made a lot of mistakes, i am vulnerable to mistakes but still God didnt leave me and i know He wont.

anyway, when i arrived home, i told our helper about what happened and i said, maybe God gave him the chance to ask forgiveness and accept Him as his Savior that was why they were able to revive him even just for a few minutes. and I wish he was able to accept God.


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