Thursday, November 4

Dear Diary

CJ my 7-year old niece has a diary she got from a local bookstore and she showed it to me.. and now, im showing it to you.. hahaha

i just find it cute, reminds me of my old diary.

her first entry?

Dear Diary,
I will write my diary when Im big.

P.S. I like peanut butter

well, in this new era where everything is almost in the cyberspace, do you still keep a diary?

I do.. even if i got a personal blog where i post all my thoughts i still keep a diary, its a black notebook i got from national bookstore.. a black notebook with black pages and i use black ballpen too.. its where i jot down my innermost/deepest thoughts. its where i write when i dont have anybody to talk to.. its where i write my prayers and letters to God and the people i love. that notebook knows all my pain.

why black?
because most of them i dont want to read again.

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