Wednesday, November 3

drinking cold water

my mother noticed that our house helper's tummy is getting bigger. she just told my mom it is from drinking cold water. Me, upon hearing told her its not true, its not true that drinking cold water causes your tummy to bulge. i dont think so, i dont believe it and a doctor just said so.

when my sister-in-law and i had prenatal check up together, the doctor specifically told us that its not true that cold water causes your stomach to grow big, and its ok to drink lots of cold water. what we should avoid is drinking lots of cold soft drinks. (she said that because she was having a hard time finding the baby's position, the doc said her tummy isnt big because of the baby and my sis reasoned its because she loves drinking cold water).

before i got pregnant, i was skinny and people would ask me what's my secret and i would usually just tell them i drink a lot of water, cold water. i drink a glass of cold water before i eat and i think it was what was keeping me from eating a lot.. i guess the idea is Im already half full after drinking water.. lolsengihnampakgigi

anyway, i made a little research and i have just discovered that drinking cold water actually help you burn those extra calories but of course that doesnt mean you dont need to exercise or get a healthy diet at all..

and oh, have you heard that drinking cold water after a hearty meal is bad? worst will give you cancer? i know, ive heard about it before, that it will slow down the digestion or it will solidify the fats from the digested meal. well, that's not true either, its only a rumor no scientific evidence at all.

Go on, drink a lot of cold water, ice water. its perfectly safe to drink cold water anytime of the day even before or after meal.

you know what i believe in? drinking cold water does make your tummy bloat that is until you pee it all out. loljelir

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