Friday, November 19

easy way to create a badge for your blog

i made a tutorial on how to make pictures or badges to scroll a week ago.. now, i am making this post for bloggers who doesnt know how to create a badge at all..

here is an easy way to create a badge. you dont need to be an expert with photoshop, you dont need a photo editing software.. all you need is an account with photobucket.

now, if your not familiar with photobucket, follow me here:

1. register or log in, upload picture you want to use, then hit 'Edit Photos' tab
2. select the picture you want to use
3. edit the picture.. you can see all the options at the top..
4. save your picture..

5. follow this HTML code

<a href="YOUR_LINK_HERE" target="_blank" title="WEBSITE NAME"><img src="DIRECT_LINK_OF_THE_IMAGE" border="0" width="125" height="125" alt="WEBSITE NAME" /></a>

6. and for the text box follow this code

<textarea cols='15' rows='2'>



i suggest you use a square picture so it wont get distorted when we use the 'width="125" height="125" ' size.. it is the standard size of a badge...

isnt that easy?.. feel free to leave a coment.. ^-^

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