Wednesday, November 17

that's so random #1

there is just a lot of things in my mind..  lot of things i want to talk about and i dont know how to start or maybe i just dont know what to talk about.. hahaha.. crazy!..

*recently, i have been blog walking a lot.. i just recently discovered that blog walking or blog hopping (whatever you call it) is fun and a good activity..i met a lot of new people, fellow bloggers, and i learned a lot of new things from their posts.. its fun, some posts are funny, some are educational, some are inspiring and some are sad.. i get to learn a lot from different people.. and also, i have received awards of appreciation from fellow bloggers too.. the Lovely Blog Award.. (dont worry guys, i will soon make my own list of Lovely Blogs.. i have just been busy or probably not yet in the mood.. lol)

*i have also been visiting TeenTalk forum of Candymag.. haha.. i was a member there when i was a teen and until now i havent moved on from being a teentalker, i still feel like a teenager.. lol.. im not really an active member but i visit the forum if i have time..

* i have also discovered new sites, i joined squadhelp, its a little bit similar to odesk or freelancer but but in squadhelp, jobs are in a form of a contest, so if you'd win you get the prize.. and prizes ranges from 50usd and above.. payment goes to your paypal account..
there is also this new site called swayable. so if you cant decide between two things, just create a swayable and people will sway or vote it for you.. and soon, they will be launching an iphone application too..

*and here is a good news, my parents immigration to US is now being processed.We have actually received this good news a couple of weeks ago, as the US embassy (or was it the NVC) sent a mail to my aunt (an american citizen, living in Indiana) about the petition of my grandmother for us.. my aunt already paid the processing fee.. and yesterday, my mom received a mail from the US National Visa Center about it.. so hopefully within next year, they will be able to get their visa. the bad news is, all of us, siblings, have aged out, so we wont be able to go with them..

* before friendster and facebook there was myspace and i visited my account today after quiet some time from my last visit and a lot has changed with the home page. i got lost.. lol..the blue myspace has turned black.. good thing, the changes didnt damage the profile layout.

*and who is my celebrity look-a-like?

hahaha.. i have this in my myspace account and used to have this in my friendster too.. just for fun.. lol

*and oh, ive got to sleep early tonight (again, if its still early) i have to take my daughter for a vaccine shot tomorow..


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