Wednesday, December 8

my FB events

the FB meme on changing profile pic to a cartoon as a campaign to raise awareness on violence against children is officially over and people are already changing their profile picture with their beautiful faces.
anyway, i made a little research about his and found out that this somehow originated in greece, as a game of changing profile pic to a fave cartoon character for a week, then cartoon network also made an FB event of changing profile picture to a cartoon character for a week, which eventually became a campaign against child abuse..

i have also found out that there is another chain message in fb telling people that this was started by some pedophiles, to know who they can victimize just by their choice of cartoon character.. i didnt receive it though.. its crazy, because some of my friends are even using cartoon character that are not from their childhood..

for me, whether this fb meme is a hoax or not, at least i enjoyed reminiscing my childhood days and the cartoons i have loved, i enjoyed seeing and knowing my friend's choice of cartoons,  plus i was able to show the world my support and that i am definitely against child abuse.. :)

im playing fashion world in FB.. i have just accepted some friends' invites and i enjoyed it.. reminds me when i was in high school, one of my closest friends wish to have her own botique or maybe own clothing company someday and because i like dressing up, mix and matching my outfit, she wanted me to manage her shop. or maybe i can be the mannequin.. lol

i am loving the new feature of FB.. the facebook group.. one of my grade school friend was hoping we can have a reunion (we havent seen each other for ten years). so to contact our batchmates, i decided to create a group for us.. and i was able to find other batchmates that aren't in my friend's list yet.. its another way to find your old friends. :)

do you like the new layout of facebook profile?.. everything is now in one place.. no more tabs.. what i hate is that with the old layout, there is a tab for the links i have shared, but now i can no longer access it and i had to go back to my old posts..

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