Wednesday, December 14

I wasted my time going to DFA office today.

I just had a bad day, i had a bad experience in the DFA office. I was there to apply for passport, all requirements ready only to find out, they wont accept BIR ID while the website where i set my dfa appointment for passport clearly stated that BIR ID is accepted..

I need this passport as soon as possible. My tears fell from disappointment because I was so sure and reviewed it a lot of times that BIR ID is accepted. I even went to BIR the previous week for this ID. They waisted my time and effort, really. And when I asked the guy why they dont accept BIR ID all he would say is that 'its not valid'. damn, I want to know why its not valid. I was crying but still hoping to control my emotions. and when he told me to try other window if they accept my ID. I was like, "why dont you decide instead of just letting me try other window?'. Then he told me to go to window 1. He said its the supervisor.

So I went there, tears still falling from disappointment and anger. When she asked about my ID, i told her the website clearly stated that BIR ID is accepted. So she asked for the website address and when she reviewed it, i saw the look from her face that she was shocked to know I was telling the truth. she called the other lady and im quiet possitive this other lady gave her an alibi to tell me.

what she told me?. the is just talking about the appointment and there is a different website for DFA. Damn. I could have yelled in her face. But i was controlling my emotions. clearly it was an alibi because the website is clearly stating it for the passport application. And the DFA website isnt specific of what ID they accept.. Probably playing safe huh.,.

So she told me, that i could just bring my old student ID. they still accept it even if Im already a graduate. it sounded crazy because they wont accept my BIR id which is new but will accept my old student ID. they both have the same information.

clearly they wasted my time. I left there, mad and disappointed but didnt argue since i didnt want to make a scene.

Anyway, what I want to tell you guys is dont trust these people or their website. Give them a call if you set an appointment, so you will be sure with the requirements before they waste your time. Because the DFA website does not give specific ID they accept. This is DFA hotline number (02) 737-1000

They told me, they accept SSS ID, Student ID or TOR. So tomorow ill bring my old student ID and if they wont accept it. Then I wont mind making a scene.

when you go there, wear presentable outfit. No shorts or slippers/flip flops.Or else they wont let you in. And no escort allowed only applicants are allowed inside.

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Thursday, November 17

Is Facebook becoming a porn site?

 I recently got annoyed with my facebook newsfeed. Im seeing a lot of gore and porn and all these explicit photos that either a few of my friends liked or commented..

So I had this in my status:
Why am I seeing explicit photos in my news feed?.. Facebook is a SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE people! NOT A PORN SITE!.. damn it!
 at first i thought these are legit. But then some of my friends posted this "chain warning" in their status about another hacking going on in FB. I made a little research about it. I know this has started just this month, November 2011.

I now found out that this malware attacking facebook is called the "Guy Fawkes Virus" which was probably created (not sure but sources are saying) by a group of hackers called Anonymous. This virus will trick you and then paste this malicious javascript into your browser URL bar without you knowing it.  And so your friends will received these malicious updates in their news feed without you knowing it.

Facebook is still working to fix this problem, and I hope they fix this real soon.

As of the moment my temporary solution is:
  • Enable secure browsing - go to Account Settings, then Security, then Enable Secure Browsing  

  • Clear Cache and Cookies or Clear Browsing History - for FireFox just press CTRL + SHIFT + DEL. for chrome just go to this link chrome://settings/advanced using chrome browser and then click 'Clear Browsing Data' button
  • Change Facebook password
  • Never click those links or contents.

Hope this would help and then hope and pray that facebook will fix this problem real soon before facebook becomes a real porn site.

Will Anonymous Target Facebook on Nov. 5?, 
Facebook Fights Flood of Violent and Pornographic Spam

Recent Facebook Porn Attack Highlights Dangers of Misleading 'Security' Warnings


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Saturday, October 22


Today I opt to turn my media player on while working to keep myself from falling asleep.  my media player, i mean the music isnt updated, most of my music here are the ones i listen to years back and listening to it made me long for the past.

What just happened?
What happened to me? I feel like Im a different person now.
Im happy but still I feel like there is something missing.
What happened to the old me? If i went through the other path, will I still be in this situation? Probably not.
I miss a lot of things, my friends, my family and the good old days. I miss my previous job, the place, the people and my officemates, my friends. Sometimes, i feel like going back to time, but I know its impossible. I wonder If i can still do the things I used to do, back in the days. or will I still be able to reach my goal or turn my dream to reality.

Things are just different now, and there is still a lot of things I need and I want to accomplish.

One place that brings back a lot of memories, my college days...

Nostalgia - a bittersweet longing of things, persons, or situations of the past.

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Thursday, September 15

Working Online! Working at Home!

Everytime people ask me where I work now, I just tell them that I work online. Yes, online. My job is online, in the comfort of my own home. I get to take care of my baby while I’m on the job and I get to work at my own time, anytime. I work through oDesk.
So what is oDesk and how do you earn in oDesk? This is how oDesk describe it:

“oDesk is the marketplace for online workteams, with the best business model for both employers and contractors. Our unique approach guarantees to employers that an hour billed is an hour worked, while guaranteeing to contractors that an hour worked is an hour paid.
This win-win approach attracts more work to oDesk than to any other online work marketplace. Each month, thousands of companies of all sizes post jobs on oDesk, representing more than $65,000,000. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of top-notch professionals, including web developers, software programmers, graphic designers, writers, customer service representatives and virtual assistants, offer their services through oDesk.
With an average job size of $5,000, oDesk is the best place to find meaningful work and top-flight talent. More than doubling in size each year since 2004, oDesk is where companies are building their entire organizations online and is the primary source of income for thousands of contractors. oDesk is truly changing how the world works.”

But if you would ask me, I would say, oDesk is similar to jobstreet(if your familiar with it). Employers post job openings and Contractors apply for it. Jobs are categorized as Web Development, Software Development, Networking & Information Systems,  Writing & Translation, Administrative Support, Design & Multimedia, Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, and Business Services. These Categories are even sub-categorized on specific skills. Say, in Administrative Support there’s Data Entry, Personal Assistant, Web Research, Email Response Handling, and Transcription. You just need to browse the job you know you can do. Write a good cover letter and hit apply.  When the employer likes your cover letter and your profile, you will receive an interview invitation. It’s just like to give you more detailed information of the job and for you to confirm if you really can do it. If you now have an agreement, the employer will start your contract and you start the job. Unlike with jobstreet, when the employer likes you, you get invited to visit the company for an interview. Here, everything happens online. 

How much one earns in oDesk? It depends on how much you would bid and on your contract. You are the one who will give your rate. Just be honest if you can do the job or not. Some contracts are paid hourly some contracts are fixed-priced. If your ready to withdraw and use your earnings, oDesk offers various payment method. I use Local Fund Transfer, my earnings go directly to my bank account. Other options are through Payoneer Debit Card,  Moneybookers, Paypal, Direct Deposit/ACH and Wire Transfer. But the most convenient way would surely be the Local Fund Transfer if I must say.

These are just the basic information for oDesk, next post Ill be sharing my personal tips in getting a job and in working in oDesk. And I might just share to you my payslip. And if you are interested to sign up, be sure to select "Freelance Contractor" if you're looking for a job and select "Employer" if you're looking for people to work for you.

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

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Monday, July 25

third payment from LogiPTC

 here is another PTC payment I recieved just a few days ago. I forgot to post this payment proof because I was busy working in Odesk. Yes, Im a freelancer in Odesk. Ill blog about Odesk soon, so watch out for that, Ill be sharing my experience and some tips for newbies. Right now, all I want to do is show you guys, my latest PTC payment.

And because Im a little busy, I dont have much time to visit all the PTC sites im in. But since I have LogiPTC toolbar, I get updated everytime there is an available site to click. Fast earner than other PTCs.

Get Paid for Browsing the Internet with LogiPTC   

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Wednesday, June 29

juicekodai.wordpress isnt mine

So I was thinking of moving my other blog to wordpress, but i was surprised to know that the username "juicekodai" is no longer available. This has never happened before, I always knew I am the only juicekodai. I thought that I might have used juicekodai as a username when I registered in our organzation's site, it was hosted by wordpress so I was thinking that maybe it counts as my username for wordpress too. I tried to recover my password and used all my email address and with all of them, i receive an error that there was no account registered under the email address. So it came to my senses that maybe this 'juicekodai' isnt really me.haha. so I tried typing and yes! it isnt really me, there is a blog under my username but its not mine. She isn't really updating the blog though, she only has a single post with just about 3 sentences. I was thinking of contacting the owner and take it back.. hahaha.. Maybe I should start putting a trademark in my username huh?.. LOL *crazy*

Oh well, im just a little bummed that somebody is using my username but tommorow, I will be fine. ;)

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Tuesday, June 21

How to Connect Twitter to Facebook

I was trying to help a dear friend who has been having trouble integrating her twitter account to her facebook wall. Then I thought, why not give a tutorial for everybody?...

Just follow these simple steps.

Step 1: go to this link

Step 2:
click 'Sign in with Twitter' button

Step 3:
Sign in to your Twitter and hit Allow button
Step 4:
just click that link if you dont get redirected back automatically

Step 5:
under App permissions, tick Facebook Profile (if you have an FB page, you will see that too under App permissions , below Facebook profile. My FB page is Juicekodai.)
Step 6:
be sure to click the Share Link button and publish it. ( we finally figured out , that my friend's tweets did not show in her FB wall because she just hit the share link button but did not publish it)

That's it. very easy and simple. Now, my tweets gets published in my facebook profile's wall and in my FB page's wall.

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Wednesday, June 15

third payment from neobux (061411)

here is another instant payment I received from Neobux today.

Neobux has just recently changed their click rates. It seems that they have become like and aurora site but the good news is they are still paying and they have also added a toolbar that you can download so you wont miss an advertisement.


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Friday, May 13

paid by bluclicks

 i received my first payment from bluclicks a couple of days ago, it was a day after i requested for it. bluclicks is a Paid to Click site that pays in Euro (€) with a minimum cashout of €0.05 thru paypal or €1 thru alertpay. here is my payment proof

if your interested, feel free to sign up, its free.. - You get cash from clicks


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Sunday, May 8

Loitering With Intent

 just finished reading LOITERING WITH INTENT by Stuart Woods..
By Stuart Woods: Loitering with Intent (Stone Barrington Novels, No 16) 
and i feel great that finally after quiet some time i was able to read a  novel.. i got it for only 50php from a sale in  National Bookstore.
i was just scanning for a good read, something that could stir up my senses, something exciting, something with suspense and mysteries. at first glance, i thought it read Loitering with INTERNET.. haha.. i read the synopsis and learned its something about a crime. it said to my self, this must be about a crime solved because of the internet. it immediately captured my interest and wondered how the character used the internet to solved the crime. while reading the the synopsis, i realized it read loitering with INTENT.. lol.. i still grabbed the book though, because i immediately fell in love with it, i know from its synopsis that i would love it plus i have been promising myself to buy a book to read, and besides 50php isnt that much.. lol

well, the book didnt fail me.. it has such a good story and turn of events and i guess i will start collecting this series, the Stone Barringtone Series by Stuart Woods..

here is the synopsis.

Loitering with Intent

Stone Barrington is back, in a tropical thriller where appearances can be deceiving. . . .

Running low on cash and unlucky in love, Stone Barrington is not having a good week. After a night at Elaine’s, his luck seems to improve when he’s hired to do a little discreet detective work in the balmy paradise of Key West. But despite its clear blue skies, palm-lined streets, and gingerbread mansions, Key West proves to be more dangerous than Stone had anticipated. Drugs, fraud, and a mysterious death from the past may be inextricable linked to what had seemed an open-and-shut case; and a sudden turn of events will test the limits of the law, and Stone’s willingness to go the extra mile for a client.

With its surprising twists, daring trysts, and razor-sharp action, Loitering with Intent is another gripping read from a gifted—and witty—storyteller.

next book to read is Moving is Murder by Sara Rosett.. i got it at the same price with Loitering with Intent. both on sale..
Moving Is Murder: A Mom Zone Mystery (Ellie Avery Mysteries) 

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Wednesday, May 4

paid by easyhits4u

 just received my first payment from easyhit4u today.

easyhits4u is not a paid to click site.. it is a traffic exchange site, where all you will do is surf other's website and with every website you surf, you will earn credit so you can also add your sites for others to visit...  its free, and all you need to do is surf. with easyhits4u, you will earn $0.30 for 1000 sites viewed... minimum payout is $3..

1:1 Traffic Exchange


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Thursday, April 28

A new friendster is coming our way

when you log in to friendster now, you will see an advertisement for a new friendster app that will export all your friendster information, including photos, messages, friendslist, comments and testimonials, etc.. this is because, friendster, the social networking site we all used to love, or used to get addicted to is going to relaunch and will be having a new platform by May 31st this year.. so everybody is advised to save or export their friendster files.

not everything will be lost when the new friendster will launch though, so if you dont really wish to save all your history and information you may opt not to. when the new friendster is launched, you will still have access to your account. basically your account wont be deleted, friends list and basic information will be restored, including wallet and game details but photos, messages, comments, testimonials, shoutouts, blogs, forums and groups will be removed.

i myself want to keep all the memories i had with friendster, so i will chose to use this application (
i have actually selected the slower download which would include all my photos
i also selected to export my photos to my multiply account
even if i have completely moved to blogger/ have imported my fs blog here in blogger just last august 2010, i still generated a new xml file... lol
according to friendster, the new friendster will focus on entertainment and fun. Im thinking games, music, etc and now it might just be connected with facebook too.

i had trouble logging in and kept receiving "connection was reset" error message.. could it be that people are already panicking to save their files, and that was why the site crashed?...
and oh, i would miss FS, the old FS, remember the days when the testimonial box was for real testimonials where people can tell what they think about you? i used to get excited every time i get a new testi... :)

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Monday, April 25

what helped me lose weight after pregnancy

 im just happy to say that i have lost the extra pounds i gained when i got pregnant. i got a bit insecure and self conscious about how i look that i would keep trying my old clothes to see if they would fit me again. until days ago, i tried my old shorts and it fit me perfectly, and yesterday i even wore my 8-year old niece's shorts... well, she is a chubby 8 yr-old girl..  but the point is, i can finally wear my old clothes that i thought i wont be able to wear again and i like my friends' reaction when they see me.. LOL.. and im also loving the compliments from people when they tell me i still look like a student and doesnt have a baby.

what helped me lose weight?

>two weeks after giving birth, i started wearing tummy binder (waist shaper belt)... good thing my sister in law lend me her binder. i wore it 24/7 except when i take a shower.. i wish i wore it imediately after giving birth though, cause i learned that i would have lost this extra tummy bulge faster if i did.. anyway, i wore it for almost 3 months..
 Danskin Waist Trimmer Belt
>excercise - i started exercising immediately after recovering from the delivery.. i had a normal vaginal delivery so there wasnt much problem at all.. if i remember right that was two weeks after when i started to excercise,.. when my baby is asleep i would search for aerobics workout video in youtube that i can follow... also, good thing we have this body twister disc, i would use it usually 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes to an hour in the evening... i followed my friend's advice to use it while watching tv shows i like so i wont get bored and i wont notice i have been twisting for some time...
Figure Trimmer Magnetic Wave Disc

> breastfeeding - i am 99% percent breastfeeding my baby.. my daughter doesnt like formula milk which i can only count the times i gave her that..  breastfeeding isnt just beneficial to my baby, it also saves me money and time from preparing formula milk, and it helps me get back into shape faster.. have you heard that breastfeeding helps you burn over 500 calories a day?  it also helps speed up the contraction of the uterus to its pre-pregnancy size.

Sofie was still 10 days old in this picture


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