Tuesday, March 15

third payment from onbux (03-15-11)


cashed out from onbux a couple of minutes ago,  and guess what? i still received it instantly..
ive heard a few people complaining that onbux isnt paying anymore but others said they were still paid...
i tried to visit their forum but i wasnt able to find a post saying they are not paying.. im not sure, all i know is that i am still paid..

fingers crossed that onbux wont fail.. :)


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Saturday, March 12

all new Clixsense

great!.. the oldest and the most trusted PTC is even better..

i have just logged in to clixsense and i found out that they are updating the site, new features are available... 

>finally the site is having a forum, its still under construction but it will be available hopefully soon..

> new payment options - finally they are now accepting paypal, im near my second cashout now, and good to know i can now use paypal as i use paypal more than alertpay

>  the website layout is much much better than before, i love how neat the new layout is, and i can now find and can communicate with my referals

> more options for advertisers

> everything is just new and much better now

yes, im back doing PTC, i wasnt able to visit my PTC sites since i came back here in Manila and im only using plug in internet which is really slow, but then i realized im waisting my time playing cityville in FB.. haha..

click HERE for my payment proof


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Wednesday, March 9

the Palace in the Sky

 went to Tagaytay a couple of days ago with my sister and her friend. it was my second time to visit the place, i was still 15 the first time i was there and we only stayed in Tagaytay Picnic Grove. this time, we visited People's Park in the Sky, which was formerly known as the Palace in the Sky.

i remember we were supposed to visit Palace in the sky back then but we didnt have the time. good thing, we now had the chance to visit it.. i am just fascinated by the place.. its situated in the peak of the mountain.

and if you must know, i am always fascinated by any historical landmarks, and ive always wanted to learn more of the history of our country.. i am currently searching for the history of the Palace in the Sky, i know, it was previously owned by former president Marcos, but i want to know more of its history, and maybe some original pictures of it..

anyway, while i was searching for its history in google, i can only find just few information, like it was an unfinished mansion of the former president Marcos. it was purposely built as a presidential guest house for the former US pres Ronald Reagan. and since Reagan, never  came , the mansion was never finished too.. *sigh*

and while i continue my journey of finding the history of this place, i found an intriguing part of its history. that it was originally built for the pope but the Pope declined to stay there saying that his visit wasn't  a state visit but a pastoral visit, so he stayed in the cardinal's residence.. years later, they changed the story, and stated that it was built for the former US president.. i had no idea why they had to do that, that is one of the reason why i want to know more of its history.. and i really want to see original pictures of the palace.. maybe more information about it, events that took place, etc...

i just hope that the government will take care of this place, this is such a great tourist attraction,but it seems to me that the government have forgotten this place.. if they wont finish the building, maybe a little repainting and cleaning would do...

gate to the Palace in the Sky

it was already late in the afternoon, it was getting foggy

if you know a website that contains the history and more information of this wonderful place, please inform me.. thanks.. :)


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