Thursday, April 28

A new friendster is coming our way

when you log in to friendster now, you will see an advertisement for a new friendster app that will export all your friendster information, including photos, messages, friendslist, comments and testimonials, etc.. this is because, friendster, the social networking site we all used to love, or used to get addicted to is going to relaunch and will be having a new platform by May 31st this year.. so everybody is advised to save or export their friendster files.

not everything will be lost when the new friendster will launch though, so if you dont really wish to save all your history and information you may opt not to. when the new friendster is launched, you will still have access to your account. basically your account wont be deleted, friends list and basic information will be restored, including wallet and game details but photos, messages, comments, testimonials, shoutouts, blogs, forums and groups will be removed.

i myself want to keep all the memories i had with friendster, so i will chose to use this application (
i have actually selected the slower download which would include all my photos
i also selected to export my photos to my multiply account
even if i have completely moved to blogger/ have imported my fs blog here in blogger just last august 2010, i still generated a new xml file... lol
according to friendster, the new friendster will focus on entertainment and fun. Im thinking games, music, etc and now it might just be connected with facebook too.

i had trouble logging in and kept receiving "connection was reset" error message.. could it be that people are already panicking to save their files, and that was why the site crashed?...
and oh, i would miss FS, the old FS, remember the days when the testimonial box was for real testimonials where people can tell what they think about you? i used to get excited every time i get a new testi... :)

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Monday, April 25

what helped me lose weight after pregnancy

 im just happy to say that i have lost the extra pounds i gained when i got pregnant. i got a bit insecure and self conscious about how i look that i would keep trying my old clothes to see if they would fit me again. until days ago, i tried my old shorts and it fit me perfectly, and yesterday i even wore my 8-year old niece's shorts... well, she is a chubby 8 yr-old girl..  but the point is, i can finally wear my old clothes that i thought i wont be able to wear again and i like my friends' reaction when they see me.. LOL.. and im also loving the compliments from people when they tell me i still look like a student and doesnt have a baby.

what helped me lose weight?

>two weeks after giving birth, i started wearing tummy binder (waist shaper belt)... good thing my sister in law lend me her binder. i wore it 24/7 except when i take a shower.. i wish i wore it imediately after giving birth though, cause i learned that i would have lost this extra tummy bulge faster if i did.. anyway, i wore it for almost 3 months..
 Danskin Waist Trimmer Belt
>excercise - i started exercising immediately after recovering from the delivery.. i had a normal vaginal delivery so there wasnt much problem at all.. if i remember right that was two weeks after when i started to excercise,.. when my baby is asleep i would search for aerobics workout video in youtube that i can follow... also, good thing we have this body twister disc, i would use it usually 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes to an hour in the evening... i followed my friend's advice to use it while watching tv shows i like so i wont get bored and i wont notice i have been twisting for some time...
Figure Trimmer Magnetic Wave Disc

> breastfeeding - i am 99% percent breastfeeding my baby.. my daughter doesnt like formula milk which i can only count the times i gave her that..  breastfeeding isnt just beneficial to my baby, it also saves me money and time from preparing formula milk, and it helps me get back into shape faster.. have you heard that breastfeeding helps you burn over 500 calories a day?  it also helps speed up the contraction of the uterus to its pre-pregnancy size.

Sofie was still 10 days old in this picture


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