Friday, May 13

paid by bluclicks

 i received my first payment from bluclicks a couple of days ago, it was a day after i requested for it. bluclicks is a Paid to Click site that pays in Euro (€) with a minimum cashout of €0.05 thru paypal or €1 thru alertpay. here is my payment proof

if your interested, feel free to sign up, its free.. - You get cash from clicks


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Sunday, May 8

Loitering With Intent

 just finished reading LOITERING WITH INTENT by Stuart Woods..
By Stuart Woods: Loitering with Intent (Stone Barrington Novels, No 16) 
and i feel great that finally after quiet some time i was able to read a  novel.. i got it for only 50php from a sale in  National Bookstore.
i was just scanning for a good read, something that could stir up my senses, something exciting, something with suspense and mysteries. at first glance, i thought it read Loitering with INTERNET.. haha.. i read the synopsis and learned its something about a crime. it said to my self, this must be about a crime solved because of the internet. it immediately captured my interest and wondered how the character used the internet to solved the crime. while reading the the synopsis, i realized it read loitering with INTENT.. lol.. i still grabbed the book though, because i immediately fell in love with it, i know from its synopsis that i would love it plus i have been promising myself to buy a book to read, and besides 50php isnt that much.. lol

well, the book didnt fail me.. it has such a good story and turn of events and i guess i will start collecting this series, the Stone Barringtone Series by Stuart Woods..

here is the synopsis.

Loitering with Intent

Stone Barrington is back, in a tropical thriller where appearances can be deceiving. . . .

Running low on cash and unlucky in love, Stone Barrington is not having a good week. After a night at Elaine’s, his luck seems to improve when he’s hired to do a little discreet detective work in the balmy paradise of Key West. But despite its clear blue skies, palm-lined streets, and gingerbread mansions, Key West proves to be more dangerous than Stone had anticipated. Drugs, fraud, and a mysterious death from the past may be inextricable linked to what had seemed an open-and-shut case; and a sudden turn of events will test the limits of the law, and Stone’s willingness to go the extra mile for a client.

With its surprising twists, daring trysts, and razor-sharp action, Loitering with Intent is another gripping read from a gifted—and witty—storyteller.

next book to read is Moving is Murder by Sara Rosett.. i got it at the same price with Loitering with Intent. both on sale..
Moving Is Murder: A Mom Zone Mystery (Ellie Avery Mysteries) 

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Wednesday, May 4

paid by easyhits4u

 just received my first payment from easyhit4u today.

easyhits4u is not a paid to click site.. it is a traffic exchange site, where all you will do is surf other's website and with every website you surf, you will earn credit so you can also add your sites for others to visit...  its free, and all you need to do is surf. with easyhits4u, you will earn $0.30 for 1000 sites viewed... minimum payout is $3..

1:1 Traffic Exchange


Get cash from your website. Sign up as affiliate.
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