Wednesday, June 29

juicekodai.wordpress isnt mine

So I was thinking of moving my other blog to wordpress, but i was surprised to know that the username "juicekodai" is no longer available. This has never happened before, I always knew I am the only juicekodai. I thought that I might have used juicekodai as a username when I registered in our organzation's site, it was hosted by wordpress so I was thinking that maybe it counts as my username for wordpress too. I tried to recover my password and used all my email address and with all of them, i receive an error that there was no account registered under the email address. So it came to my senses that maybe this 'juicekodai' isnt really me.haha. so I tried typing and yes! it isnt really me, there is a blog under my username but its not mine. She isn't really updating the blog though, she only has a single post with just about 3 sentences. I was thinking of contacting the owner and take it back.. hahaha.. Maybe I should start putting a trademark in my username huh?.. LOL *crazy*

Oh well, im just a little bummed that somebody is using my username but tommorow, I will be fine. ;)

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Tuesday, June 21

How to Connect Twitter to Facebook

I was trying to help a dear friend who has been having trouble integrating her twitter account to her facebook wall. Then I thought, why not give a tutorial for everybody?...

Just follow these simple steps.

Step 1: go to this link

Step 2:
click 'Sign in with Twitter' button

Step 3:
Sign in to your Twitter and hit Allow button
Step 4:
just click that link if you dont get redirected back automatically

Step 5:
under App permissions, tick Facebook Profile (if you have an FB page, you will see that too under App permissions , below Facebook profile. My FB page is Juicekodai.)
Step 6:
be sure to click the Share Link button and publish it. ( we finally figured out , that my friend's tweets did not show in her FB wall because she just hit the share link button but did not publish it)

That's it. very easy and simple. Now, my tweets gets published in my facebook profile's wall and in my FB page's wall.

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Wednesday, June 15

third payment from neobux (061411)

here is another instant payment I received from Neobux today.

Neobux has just recently changed their click rates. It seems that they have become like and aurora site but the good news is they are still paying and they have also added a toolbar that you can download so you wont miss an advertisement.


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