Wednesday, June 29

juicekodai.wordpress isnt mine

So I was thinking of moving my other blog to wordpress, but i was surprised to know that the username "juicekodai" is no longer available. This has never happened before, I always knew I am the only juicekodai. I thought that I might have used juicekodai as a username when I registered in our organzation's site, it was hosted by wordpress so I was thinking that maybe it counts as my username for wordpress too. I tried to recover my password and used all my email address and with all of them, i receive an error that there was no account registered under the email address. So it came to my senses that maybe this 'juicekodai' isnt really me.haha. so I tried typing and yes! it isnt really me, there is a blog under my username but its not mine. She isn't really updating the blog though, she only has a single post with just about 3 sentences. I was thinking of contacting the owner and take it back.. hahaha.. Maybe I should start putting a trademark in my username huh?.. LOL *crazy*

Oh well, im just a little bummed that somebody is using my username but tommorow, I will be fine. ;)

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