Wednesday, December 14

I wasted my time going to DFA office today.

I just had a bad day, i had a bad experience in the DFA office. I was there to apply for passport, all requirements ready only to find out, they wont accept BIR ID while the website where i set my dfa appointment for passport clearly stated that BIR ID is accepted..

I need this passport as soon as possible. My tears fell from disappointment because I was so sure and reviewed it a lot of times that BIR ID is accepted. I even went to BIR the previous week for this ID. They waisted my time and effort, really. And when I asked the guy why they dont accept BIR ID all he would say is that 'its not valid'. damn, I want to know why its not valid. I was crying but still hoping to control my emotions. and when he told me to try other window if they accept my ID. I was like, "why dont you decide instead of just letting me try other window?'. Then he told me to go to window 1. He said its the supervisor.

So I went there, tears still falling from disappointment and anger. When she asked about my ID, i told her the website clearly stated that BIR ID is accepted. So she asked for the website address and when she reviewed it, i saw the look from her face that she was shocked to know I was telling the truth. she called the other lady and im quiet possitive this other lady gave her an alibi to tell me.

what she told me?. the is just talking about the appointment and there is a different website for DFA. Damn. I could have yelled in her face. But i was controlling my emotions. clearly it was an alibi because the website is clearly stating it for the passport application. And the DFA website isnt specific of what ID they accept.. Probably playing safe huh.,.

So she told me, that i could just bring my old student ID. they still accept it even if Im already a graduate. it sounded crazy because they wont accept my BIR id which is new but will accept my old student ID. they both have the same information.

clearly they wasted my time. I left there, mad and disappointed but didnt argue since i didnt want to make a scene.

Anyway, what I want to tell you guys is dont trust these people or their website. Give them a call if you set an appointment, so you will be sure with the requirements before they waste your time. Because the DFA website does not give specific ID they accept. This is DFA hotline number (02) 737-1000

They told me, they accept SSS ID, Student ID or TOR. So tomorow ill bring my old student ID and if they wont accept it. Then I wont mind making a scene.

when you go there, wear presentable outfit. No shorts or slippers/flip flops.Or else they wont let you in. And no escort allowed only applicants are allowed inside.


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