Thursday, November 17

Is Facebook becoming a porn site?

 I recently got annoyed with my facebook newsfeed. Im seeing a lot of gore and porn and all these explicit photos that either a few of my friends liked or commented..

So I had this in my status:
Why am I seeing explicit photos in my news feed?.. Facebook is a SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE people! NOT A PORN SITE!.. damn it!
 at first i thought these are legit. But then some of my friends posted this "chain warning" in their status about another hacking going on in FB. I made a little research about it. I know this has started just this month, November 2011.

I now found out that this malware attacking facebook is called the "Guy Fawkes Virus" which was probably created (not sure but sources are saying) by a group of hackers called Anonymous. This virus will trick you and then paste this malicious javascript into your browser URL bar without you knowing it.  And so your friends will received these malicious updates in their news feed without you knowing it.

Facebook is still working to fix this problem, and I hope they fix this real soon.

As of the moment my temporary solution is:
  • Enable secure browsing - go to Account Settings, then Security, then Enable Secure Browsing  

  • Clear Cache and Cookies or Clear Browsing History - for FireFox just press CTRL + SHIFT + DEL. for chrome just go to this link chrome://settings/advanced using chrome browser and then click 'Clear Browsing Data' button
  • Change Facebook password
  • Never click those links or contents.

Hope this would help and then hope and pray that facebook will fix this problem real soon before facebook becomes a real porn site.

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