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Cheap and Easy Way to Lighten Underarms

The hot season is coming and some girls are already preparing there sexy swimsuit while others are still worrying about dark underarms.

Many men and women suffer from discoloration of the armpit. The common causes are:
  • Shaving
  • Friction
  • Bad product applied to the armpit
  • Skin pigmentation due to inflammation or other medical condition
  • Pregnancy
Now, here is my simple and cheap regimen to lighten underarms. Trust me, I wasn’t gifted with a clear armpit. I started shaving at an early age. I used the wrong deodorant that my father had to tell me to stop using it since he noticed it stained my clothes. That deo was the main reason for the discoloration of my armpit, it irritated my skin and because of that I avoided wearing sleeveless tops. Now, here is my regimen:
  • I wear sleeveless tops most of the time to avoid friction. I realized that the sleeves from my shirts actually aids with the discoloration so I started to avoid that.
  • I use whitening soap and focused on the areas that need intense lightening.  I’m using Kojie-san kojic acid soap. I leave it on for a minute or more. I also like Extract, Venus and Mars Lulur Emu Soap and Cyleina Black Pearl Soap.
  • I ditched shaving and switched to sugar waxing/sugaring  because shaving irritates the skin that causes darkening. I use Strip It sugar wax, its all natural and it also contains calamansi which also aids in lightening dark spots. It only adheres tightly to the hairs and not the skin so its not really painful. It also exfoliates my skin at the same time as it also strip off the dead skin cells.
  • I changed my deodorant. I use Dove Whitening Unscented deodorant. I chose dove Because it has moisturizer. Remember dry skin is damaged skin. And I use unscented because I don’t like my deo to overpower my cologne plus I found out that the chemicals used for the scent may cause irritation and discoloration. Sometimes I just use alum (tawas), its cheap, safe  and effective.
  • Sometimes, when I don’t have plans to go out, I don’t apply any deodorant at all. Good thing I don’t have body odor and my underarms isn’t really sweaty.
  • I rub calamansi juice in my underarms every night before I sleep and I just wash it off in the morning when I take a bath.
  • I exfoliate ones or twice a week using Abonne Spa Milk salt. Exfoliating is important because it sloughs off dead skin cells.

This worked for me and I hope this will work for you too. Just do this religiously and one day you will wake up realizing you have reached your goal already.
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