Tuesday, March 13

I Hate that Google Ended the Service of GFC

I have been wondering why my Google Friend Connect widget is not working anymore while I see it is still working with other blogs. I tried to search online and found out that Google Friend Connect has stopped working with blogs from other platforms and they have announced it that GFC will no longer work except for those in blogger or blogspot.

But why isnt it working in mine?

Today I decided to check my GFC account thinking that there must be something wrong with the code since I tried to connect my GFC account with my other blog once.  I found out today GFC has stopped their service since the 1st of March, 2012.

I really really hate that they have to do that. I think just because they want us to use Google+.

I havent created a page for google+ yet. So to all my friends in Google Friend Connect, I still have my FB so lets just follow each other in Facebook. Lets communicate in my page. Share your thoughts or even your blog, your links that I can follow you too..


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