Sunday, April 15

There is no Summer in the Philippines

It's the time of the year when a lot of people (Filipinos) are talking about summer or summer vacation.

I remember when I was young, I never say summer when it's March or April I just say it's "vacation" time from school because as far as I knew it's the hot or dry season and students are given a free time and people spend their vacation. I never learned that there is summer in the Philippines but I've always known that there is summer in America. I know the fact that there is only 2 seasons in the Philippines as mentioned in my "Sibika at Kultura" subject.

When I was 9, I started to hear people referring the dry season as summer. I mostly heard it from the people on tv. Then, some of my classmates started to use the term summer. So I thought that maybe the term summer refers to the "sunny" season or it's the sophisticated term of the hot season. I also thought that maybe summer vacation is the general term to use when students are given a break from school during the hot season.

One day, An MTV VJ got confused when a caller from the Philippines, mentioned that its summer in the Philippines because she is pretty much aware that there are only 2 seasons in the Philippines. I dont remember that VJ but that made me realize that yeah there really is no summer in the Philippines and these people saying that it's already summer are actually confusing foreigners or even the Filipinos themselves or even themselves at all.

I somehow get irritated when I hear people from the media, mention that it's summer time already.  I hate it when I hear it from popular newscaster and other celebrities because they are confusing a lot of people.

If you must know, the Philippines is located near the equator and experience only 2 seasons, the Wet and Dry season but the Dry Season can also be sub divided as the cool dry season from December to February and the Hot Dry Season from March to May. This has been discussed in our Sibika at Kultura, HeKaSi or Geography subject.

Yes, summer is the warmest season in other countries or other parts of the world but technically Philippines doesn't have summer.

I know there's a lot of Pinoys out there who gets confused when discussing summer with people from other countries. But now, dont get confused and dont be ignorant there is no summer in the Philippines.
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Thursday, April 5

Trying Out my New Japanese Foam Curlers

I wasnt really busy today so I thought of trying out the Japanese Curlers I bought online.

My hair was still wet when I put the curlers on and I cant find our hair blower/dryer. Plus I used conditioner when I showered this morning as I did not plan to curl my hair today.
My hair was still wet when I took off the curlers, so the result is not really pretty obvious. I also did not use any curling mousse or anything that can hold the curls. But just to see the result, here it is.
Sory for the picture quality it was taken with my laptop's cam.  Ill take better shots when I finally master to do it. And next time I will try to use my Magic Leverag. Anyway, Can anybody of you recommend a curling mousse or anything that can hold the curls. Im new to DIY curling, so Im not sure what products to use.

here is a picture of the foam curlers I used
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