Saturday, October 6

I Eat Shrimp Shell Because It's Healthy

My friends and I went to visit a friend to help me with my new laptop. His family happened to own a shrimp farm, so for dinner, his mom served us shrimp together with other delicious foods and fresh fruit and juices.

While eating he noticed i also ate the shell of the shrimps. Yes, I eat the shell of shrimp and it depends on how it is prepared that sometimes I would peel it. Im used to eating the shells, my dad told me its a source of calcium. So I reasoned that its a source of calcium and its definitely right to eat it. They laughed at me telling me that, it should be peeled and that there is no nutrients that i would consume from eating the shells. The four of them already has mountain of shells in their plate while in my plate are just the heads and the tail. I insisted its a source of calcium but they insisted its a source of nothing.

So at home i made a research about the benefits of consuming the shells of the shrimp and here is what i found out: Shrimp shells or the exoskeleton is a source of Chitin. Chitin is composed of Chitosan and Glucosamine.

Eating shrimp shells helps you lose weight since Chitosan blocks the absorption of fats in the body. It makes you feel full and so you wont be able to eat much. Chitosan also helps to lower bad cholesterol in the body thus lowering the risk of stroke, heart attack, diabetes and other similar illness due to weight gain. It is a natural fiber and it helps detoxify the body especially the liver. It also helps relieve lactose intolerance and ulcers as Chitosan also has antacid properties. Consuming shrimp shells is also good for the joints because of its Glucosamine content.

Chitin is non-allergenic, those allergic to shellfishes are allergic to the meat and not the shell.  I have only mentioned a few benefits from eating the shrimp of the shells, I know there is still a lot more. Therefore, eating shrimp shells is indeed beneficial and definitely not useless. Throwing away the shell is throwing away a very healthy part of the shrimp.

Oh, maybe I was wrong about the shrimp shell as source of calcium but at least I wasnt wrong about eating it. lol

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