Friday, March 1

It's My First Few Days in Cebu

Its my first week in this new place and i already feel so stressed. When we arrived here it feels like this is the hottest place in the Philippines. It's like, few minutes later after taking a shower and I already feel sticky plus I just noticed that the water here, makes my skin dry. I have to apply extra lotion. Darn!

Anyway, searching for good apartment to stay is just so stressful. It's almost a week and still nothing. I can't help but compare the apartment I got in Metro Manila, for 3500 and I already have a decent place. Here, most apartments are ridiculously priced and definitely not worth my money. I wish to find a decent place to stay real soon.

Next Monday I will have a final interview from this company I applied to. I hope and pray Id get the job and start my career there. Darn! why do they have to prolong the agony? oh well, I guess Ill just have to prepare myself for that interview.

I don't know, i cant help but compare it here with Manila. Sometimes I feel like I want to go back there. Cebu is just a small metro but it feels like Id get lost here than in the big Metro Manila. Im scared of the streets. The streets seem to be be confusing as well as the jeepney routes. transportation here are just jeepneys and cabs so if you dont have your own car, you will surely get to breathe all the pollution, unlike in Manila there are a lot of air conditioned buses and FX. I hope I'd get used to this place.

I really hope I would survive here!.. hahaha... if I survived in Manila, how much more here?.. right?... urrghhh

Oh, before I forget, I found a good accessories store in Carbon, the Aizylym Enterprise. All accessories are cheap. all are priced as wholesale. For less than 300php I got a bunch of good stuff already. Thanks to my friend Rizza for taking me there..

i have already used some of them.. ;)


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