Tuesday, November 12

Yolanda Aftermath in Baybay City, Leyte

Baybay was real dark when we arrived. It felt like a ghost town, nothing can be seen from the ship that was docking to the port.

I and my sisters from Luzon have been so worried with the situation of our family in Leyte, specially my brother and his family in Palo, Leyte. When I arrived home, I was so thankful that though its dark, it least my family in Baybay is intact. We are just worried now with my brother's situation in Palo.

When morning came, I went to visit some of my friend's family and families of my sister's friends to check, since the have been also worried because of the lost of telecommunications. Its a good thing, that although, Baybay is devastated by the typhoon, there is no reported casualties and the people are safe. The only problem there is the limited supply of the basic needs.

Almost all of the utility poles are down. As reported It may Take 2-6 months of no power supply in Leyte.

right after the typhoon it wasn't passable here because a huge tree was uprooted and blocked the road

The beauty of Visayas State University was also destroyed. Trees were uprooted, blocking the roads and the landscape was destroyed.

Mount Pangasugan became bald.

Its a good thing though that slowly the telecommunication signals are being restored. Smart and Sun network are restored in selected areas.. People are going to VSU  beach, at the Baybay park infront of the Catholic church near the City Hall and Legislative Building to text and call their loved ones to inform them their situation.
VSU Beach

VSU Beach

Baybay Plaza

searching for network in Baybay Plaza so they can text their loved ones
at the side of legislative building people are also texting and calling their loved ones

It is good to know that there are no casualties reported in Baybay and it is going back to its feet. Baybay is doing its best to recover as soon as possible, though supplies for basic needs are still scarce. Hopefully soon enough everything will be back as it was.

repacking of relief goods

business as usual

My brother and his family (wife and 2 kids, 6 and 3-year olds) is residing in Palo, Leyte and we were very worried because we had no communication and the roads were not passable. Thank God they are safe, my brother said they took shelter under their bed to protect themselves from falling debris or blown off roof.
When the road was finally passable, they traveled from Tacloban to Baybay to evacuate. The roads really does smell, epecially in Tanauan, Leyte. Corpses are just on the roads and it smell bad already. I saw the pictures and video clips from his phone, and it was really heartbreaking. I cant imagine what my brother and his family went through during the typhoon. But still, thank God they are safe. My thoughts and prayer goes to all of the victims of the typhoon.


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