Tuesday, October 15

Where Was I When The Earth Shook

10-15-2013; It's customer service week, the agents were supposed to wear Pink for the shift today. We had an activity on the floor. We had blind dating game in which the agents were given paper to write down who they want to date or if they want to list a pair of agents they want to see dating. Everything seemed pretty normal. While some are participating in the game, others are taking calls.

I had a call. I had a frustrated customer on the other line because her phone service wasn't working. While she was explaining and venting out about the issue, I suddenly felt like somebody is jumping up and down behind me that somehow shook the floor. I checked and looked at my back and there was nobody. Then I noticed my seatmate was silent and observing what is going on. It took me few more seconds to realize it was an earthquake.

Everybody docked and hid under the table. I could hear some of my office mates cry, and some prayed loudly for God’s protection. I could feel the movement of the earth went stronger as I realized it has been shaking for some time already and some debris from the ceiling are falling. I suddenly remember the earthquake in Japan years ago. I suddenly felt scared and I silently prayed. My customer on the other line already hanged up thinking I already hanged up on her, since the phone was on mute.

I thought the earthquake would not stop. When it was over I could feel myself still trembling. Then we were told to leave the building. Everybody went to the emergency exit. Good thing, people in our building are organized and everybody got to go out safely.

I could still feel the aftershocks until now. Me and my roommates already prepared our emergency bags. We had a little trouble sleeping but thank God nobody is hurt and I pray for the family of the casualties and those that are greatly affected by this disaster. 
I.T. Park, Asiatown, Lahug, Cebu after the earthquake. Everybody had to leave the buildings.

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