Wednesday, February 19

Robbery in the Jeep

That feeling when the person seated beside you in the jeep got robbed...

It was scary and shocking. I’ve never witnessed anything like that before... 4 guys took the jeep by pair as if they were just regular commuters. Then this 1 guy pointed an ice pick to this nursing student seated beside me, forcibly taking her mobile phone. The girl was struggling to keep the phone, I was shock at what happened, and they even hit me while struggling for the phone. The robber was like, telling the girl to just give the phone in a hurry because there is a police.

I wanted to yell at the robber and tell him to leave the girl alone. But I was in shock and some people told her to just give the phone. The 4 of them got off, 2 ran away but the other 2 rode the jeep again, seated beside me. I saw his face scrambling where to run. I wanted to get my phone and take a picture of him so I can report him, but the other 2 are still in the jeep. 

Good thing the police somehow detected it, and the commuters told the police that robbers were running away, wearing pink shirt. Their patrol car went on a U turn and hurried to catch the robbers... 

We got off before from our destination. Then we saw the patrol car, with the robber wearing pink inside it. We are guessing the police are following the jeep we were in because they are trying to catch the other two.

This happened near Mango Avenue, Cebu at around 2 in the afternoon.. We were in a 17C jeep..

Im still shaking right now...


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