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How to Report Spam Facebook Messages

If you noticed there is this new spam message in facebook. You will recieve random private message from random facebook friends telling you they saw you in a video.

My hints that the video is not real? First, it has my profile picture, not so random at all.  Second, I dont just post random videos of myself and third I am very much aware that facebook is also media for desperate advertisers, virus/spam creators and of course hackers.

First thing that everybody needs to do is to be more vigilant. Remember to think before you click. Be very careful in clicking links, if your instinct says that it is malicious then it most likely is.  Always check the URL or the link, hackers are creating fake facebook page, games or apps for you to log in so they can get a hold of your account. Also use a unique password and if you have been a victim of hacking immediately change your password.

Ive been receiving these kind of spam messages and every time I receive one I immediately report it.

Please don't click the link. If you click it, it will also send spam messages to your facebook friends, i believe it sends spam messages to those that are currently online.

Here is how to report a spam message.

1. Click the message icon at the upper right hand corner of your facebook page. That is between the Friend Request icon and the Notifications icon. Click "See All".
2. Now that you are in your inbox, go to the specific conversation with the spam message.
3. Click the Actions button and select Report Spam or Abuse.

4. On the Report Spam or Abuse pop up, select the option that says "Report individual message from a hacked friend as spam and delete them" and then click ok.
5.  select the message and then click Mark Spam button

6. On the Report This Message as Spam pop up, click the Report Spam Message button.

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