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When Your Ex Ask Forgiveness

What if an ex who cheated on you, blocked you on Facebook, and haven’t communicated with for quite some time, like out of nowhere suddenly appeared and asked for forgiveness?

I posted this exact question on my facebook account and got diverse answers from my friends.  The truth is, I already answered this question myself but I wanted to know what other people would do if this kind of situation will happen to them. How would some of my friends react?

About a couple of weeks ago, I checked on my facebook messages and found I have this message in my ‘Other’ inbox (since only messages from my Facebook friends will go through my main inbox). This particular guy in my past apparently created another Facebook account and sent me a private message. He said he wanted to talk and that he was sorry.

His account was new. He just had about 30 friends in his list and had no profile picture yet. I tried to scan his account and tried to check if his old account still exists. I didn’t really know yet, if I should ignore him or reply to his message.

I wanted to post the above question in my facebook timeline at that time to see if what other people think but I opted not to because that time I also realized I didn’t want my decision to be affected by other people’s opinion. I wanted to know how I feel deep inside if I was indeed ready to forgive. It was funny though because I also searched the internet for some explanation why an ex would suddenly pop up and apologize. Google led me to some online forums and most of the answers said it’s because of their guilt. I asked a friend what she thinks I should do and she was quick to tell me to ignore him.

Still, I decided to reply to his message with just a question mark “?” and it would be up to him how he would understand that. That time I was in doubt. A big part of me felt that it’s time to forgive but a part of me don't want to.  A few days later he replied and so we had the conversation.

I didn’t ask him why he played on me but I asked him why he suddenly realized to get in touch with me and asked for forgiveness. He told me how he was sincere with his apology, how he had to gather all his guts just to apologize knowing he had done something that could be unforgivable. He is no longer with the girl he cheated on me with. He said his life has been a mess since he played on me and that he has been paying the price of what he did. 

I accepted his apology. He said his burdens have lighted now that we are OK and both moving on. I chose to forgive him because I also wanted to lighten my load. And I really appreciated his big move and his huge guts to apologize and admit he did wrong. 

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