Thursday, February 18

A Challenge to Myself: Facebook Fasting

I told myself to read at least one book a month for 2016 but it's already February and I haven't finished a book yet. I noticed I've been giving so much time using Facebook. If I am not posting my random thoughts and things on my facebook wall, I see myself scrolling down my news feed, watching those funny vines and video clips, reading what's going on with other people's lives, reading gossips, lies and wrong information. I understand that facebook is a good communication and social media marketing tool, but I have spent so much time on facebook doing nothing particularly important. I want to be able to read more books, post- process more photographs, study and practice my photography and video editing skills, update my blogs and work without any disruption.

So, I have decided to deactivate my Facebook account temporarily if not permanently. I want it deactivated for a month or maybe a week, the least. No! I want it deactivated for at least a month. Maybe by then, I would have used my facebook time to a lot of more important things.

This first couple of days that my facebook was deactivated was a struggle. From time to time all I can think of is logging in and posting a new photo or status. Sometimes, I just want to post a song that has been on my mind or a song I am listening to on Spotify. I wanted to post that I have updated my photo blog. I am just so grateful that I am still surviving. I am able to update my blog, currently reading a book by Paulo Coehlo and will soon have a fun photoshoot with a friend. I am excited.


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