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my blog is all about me and what i think of the things around me… i dont really care about what other people thinks but constructive criticisms are very much appreciated….

pardon me if I commit a lot of grammatical errors, typo errors and all errors its just that Im too insane for grammar check, spell check and all check.. and like what my friend Jomvi always say “this is not a f*cking thesis”…. hahahahaha….

neweiz, why sane insanity?…

i do a lot of stupid things even though i know its stupid… tsktsktsk

read and understand my world….

and oh, i have just transfered from friendster blog to here in blogger.. so you can find old post in my friendster blog.. click here.

i have recently learned about money making online.. so you might also find a lot of post about how i earned.. you may also see a lot of payment proof too.. :)
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